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A simple way to amend invoices submitted to My Plan Manager

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If you’ve submitted a provider invoice that shows an incorrect charge, not to worry. There’s a simple fix to avoid double handling so we can process your payment faster, and avoid you having to return funds back to MPM.

Don’t: Resubmit an amended invoice with the same invoice number. This confuses our processing system, causes double handling and will take longer to process your payment or result an overpayment.  

Do: Submit a credit note, or a new invoice, or a debit adjustment for the difference.

If you have submitted an invoice for less than what should have been charged

Send the new invoice with a new invoice number or debit adjustment by using the existing process.

If you have submitted an invoice for more than what should have been charged

Forward a credit note to [email protected] using the following template:

Subject: Credit note

Hi My Plan Manager,

Invoice #: {invoice number} was submitted for the incorrect amount.

Please find attached a credit note for the balance.

{Your Name}

From there, our Finance team will work with you to apply the credit to future payments.

If you have any questions, contact My Plan Manager here and we will happily assist.




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