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Acclaimed actor and My Plan Manager Client Gerard O’Dwyer has built a career by following his passion

My Plan Manager client Gerard O'Dwyer

My Plan Manager client Gerard O’Dwyer is an acclaimed actor that has Down Syndrome, and makes movies about disability.  

When he won at Tropfest in 2009 – the world’s biggest short film festival – he realised that he is an actor.  

“For me it was very powerful and emotional,” he said.  

Since then, he’s made a sting of films including his latest feature called ‘What About Sal’.  

Click this link to watch his story.

His Acting Coach Veronica McKenna met Gerard in 2001, when Gerard walked into one of her workshops in the arts for people with disabilities.  

She said the moment she met him, she knew he was a born actor.  

“Gerard is very, very busy. He is in demand,” said Veronica.  

“We do lots of things together and I assist Gerard with interviews – any feature or short films that he has always come with a lot of {online or red carpet} interviews or even Studio 10 where he’s been on quite regularly.”

Gerard said he sees himself as a Down Syndrome person but that doesn’t stop him from acting and achieving in life.  

“I think that’s how God made me,” he said.  

“I feel so blessed for my brother and my mother with their love and support they have given me.  

He added that the NDIS has improved a lot and is helping him move out of home to get his independence which is his main focus.  

A message he has to share is to ‘never be afraid or ashamed of what you’ve got’.  

“Enjoy what you’ve got, do what your heart tells you to do and follow your passion and your dreams.” 

Click this link to watch his story.




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