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Bradley’s kicking goals thanks to NDIS support for business start-up

Bradley Bettens describes himself as enthusiastic about fitness, fun and friendship for both children and people who, like himself, live with a disability.  

Recently, he set up his own micro-enterprise, Bradley Bettens Fun Fitness Friendships, a sport and interactive game-based program for people of all abilities. Fun Fitness Friendships has been a long time coming – for the last two years, Bradley has been planning the business, designing logos, finding the right supports, but now that it’s off the ground, it’s picking up steam quickly. Bradley says he has always wanted use his love of sport to give back to the disability community and provide fun skill-based exercise for anyone – and by using the supports in his NDIS plan, he’s been able to achieve it. 

We asked Bradley some questions about the successes and challenges of his first year. 

How did you know this was what you wanted to do? 

My talent is in coaching sports, and I have experience as a school sports soccer coach and umpire. I’m also a life member of Inclusive Sports SA, and I’ve represented my state in soccer, Aussie rules and swimming. 

What does Fun Fitness Friendships offer? 

We have a range of different programs for people of all ages and abilities: vacation care soccer sessions, ‘school carnival’ days, and one-on-one coaching, as well as less formal sessions just focussed on having fun in a social environment. As well as active games, we also offer concentration board games and coordination target games. 

How did you get it started? Did your NDIS funding contribute? 

With the help of my mum I found a mentor/business coach who went through the steps to see if what I wanted to do would work, then to set up things I needed to. The NDIS provided me with a support person for 15 hours a week to help me organise and run the sessions. 

What have been some challenges about starting your own business?  

Finding a venue which was cost effective and originally finding clients. I found that to do what I wanted to do and provide a good service at a reasonable cost I needed to become a Not for Profit organisation. This took time and money but we are now a not-for-profit business.  

I hope that the NDIS will continue to fund my support worker so I can continue my business. 

A man and a woman holding frisbees. The woman is jokingly biting her frisbee.
Bradley with Mell, who works with him on Fun Fitness Friendships.

What have been some highlights of starting your own business? 

Gaining the use of a venue, thanks to the City of West Torrens; working through the steps to become a not-for-profit; meeting heaps of new people; and realising that I can do things and have a business which makes a difference for people living with a disability. And learning so many new things! 

What has surprised you about your journey starting a micro-enterprise? 

I have been amazed that some organisations have wanted to see what we are about because I am a person living with a disability. Many activities set up for people living with disabilities are done by people with no disabilities who just think they know what people with a disability want.  

You can find more information, or book a Fun Fitness Friendships session for yourself or your community or social group through: 





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