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COVID-19 guidance for NDIS service providers

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In response to the latest wave of COVID cases, lockdowns and travel restrictions in Australia, we’re letting you know what we’re doing to support you and your clients.

Rest assured there are zero disruptions to My Plan Manager. Our team is here to process your invoices and answer your questions to keep serving you as best as we can.

What you can do for your clients

  • Keep your clients informed about your services, especially if there are any changes.
  • Let them know what you are doing to manage COVID-19 risks.
  • If your business is not able to continue providing services, you must inform your clients, their plan managers and support coordinators. If you are a registered provider, you must inform the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Claiming Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Clients have the right to request that their providers wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like a face mask or gloves when seeing them.

As a provider, you can claim $27 per client per day on PPE when the following circumstances are met: 

You must incur the expense and have provided the participant and support workers with PPE;

You must be delivering a support item in the Assistance with Daily Life support category in the following registration groups:

  • 0104 High Intensity Daily Personal Activities
  • 0107 Daily Personal Activities
  • 0115 Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement;

You require agreement from the participant to claim additional PPE expenses against the plan.

Providers can alternatively directly bill the NDIA for up to $27 per participant, per day to cover the cost of PPE for supports delivered in the Assistance with Daily Life support category by providers to participants who live in areas specified in this addendum and in these specific registration groups.

As a provider, you shouldn’t make more than one claim of up to $27 per participant per worker, per day. However, additional support items may be claimed if supported with evidence of need.

What you can do for your business

More COVID-19 information

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) information webpage on the NDIS Commission website has updates, training, alerts and more.

The NDIS Commission fact sheet ‘COVID-19 outbreak preparedness, prevention and management’ has practical guidance to:

  • Make sure your workers take reasonable precautions to protect people with disability and themselves…
  • Prepare for an outbreak of COVID-19…
  • Respond to suspected or confirmed cases in different types of service settings…
  • And in the worst case scenario, manage an outbreak of COVID-19.

The Department of Health has also issued a new COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Alert. The alert contains important information about the continued rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and you are encouraged to share it with workers. It is your choice to get vaccinated.

The situation for each state is different and we recommend getting advice for your area:




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