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Deciding whether to become a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered provider

The decision about whether or not to register for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a big one for your business and you should carefully consider the pros and cons.  

Becoming an NDIS registered provider means you have to go through a lengthy and somewhat costly process. This can be a big hurdle for some businesses, especially smaller ones, so they might choose to stay unregistered, even though they have all the necessary skills and drive to provide a high-quality service that suits their clients perfectly and is still fully covered by the NDIS. 

Here’s quick rundown on the options, and things to think about. 

Why you might choose not to register

  • It’s expensive! In addition to the time it takes to register and ensure your business is compliant with the NDIS Practice Standards, you must pay an independent auditor to verify your compliance. 
  • Self management and plan management are growing to be the most popular choices of NDIS funds management, meaning there are lots of NDIS clients you will be able to work with, even if you don’t register. 
  • Working with self managed and plan managed clients means you get paid directly from the client or plan manager.

Why you might choose to register 

  • Access to all NDIS participants. If your business is NDIS registered, you can service all participants, however unregistered providers can only work with participants who choose self management or plan management.  
  • Free listing of your business on the NDIS provider registry! 

NDIS participants looking for a new service provider may see an NDIS registered provider as a less risky option. However, participants are more likely interested in the quality of service your business can deliver. Participants are also trying to find competitive pricing and providers who can offer a good service at prices below the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (NDIS Price Guide) are a very attractive option.




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  1. Steve Holland

    Very interesting, thank you.

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