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Decommissioning of old client portal from 8 February

MPM Client portal on laptop

We recently launched a more user-friendly My Plan Manager client portal with improved security and accessibility to help our clients better manage and track their plan. We think you will really like it! This means from Monday 8 February we will be decommissioning the old My Plan Manager client portal.

What does this mean for me?

There is nothing you need to do differently to reach the new client portal login page. Simply click on the login button on the My Plan Manager website homepage or type in the URL portal.myplanmanager.com.au and you will be directed to the new client portal login.

When you go to log in, things will look a bit different. But bear with us, we promise it’s easy!

New client portal login page
New client portal login page

Enter your email address and if you previously had a log in for the old client portal you will receive an email with steps to follow to log in. Following these steps means that you will be able to log in securely without using a password.

What is password-less login?

Security is a priority at MPM, that’s why we’ve introduced password-less login access. This simply means once you receive an email with your ‘magic link’ you will then be able to log in instantly on the device your using. You can also use this across multiple devices!

What if I still want to access the old client portal?

From Monday 8 February you won’t be able to use the old client portal. If you use the old client portal link through a saved bookmark or old portal URL address you will simply be redirected to the new client portal to login. It’s a good idea to update the saved bookmark on your computer with the new client portal URL.

I don’t think I was registered for the old client portal…

No problems, simply contact us and we will get you all set up.

I think I had a login for the old portal but I can’t remember my password…

The great news is you don’t need it anymore. As long as you had a login, you just need to put in your email address and wait to receive the email with instructions.

Still have questions?

Read more about what the new client portal can do and have a look at our handy FAQ.

If you don’t have a login or you have any problems accessing the client portal or finding your way around you can always contact us by phone or email for assistance.




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