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Get away: Using NDIS funding for a holiday

Father holding disabled son on merry go round at playground

We talk about using NDIS funding to support travel and what can and can’t be claimed 

You may not realise, but requesting funding to support holidays, travel or respite is absolutely reasonable if it supports the goals in your NDIS plan. This can include expenses that are related to your disability while on your travels, such as a travel support worker. The only things you can’t claim are everyday expenses that any person would incur when travelling such as accommodation, food and transport, however there could be some exceptions where you need specialised items or services. 

What can I claim? 

Support worker care expenses 

While you’re travelling you may need to bring along support workers to provide care while travelling and their invoices for direct support time can be claimed as they normally would be from your plan. Where you need intermittent direct support during travel time you should negotiate this with your provider (especially in the event of long haul travel, as this could add up to an extremely large invoice).


You may need to hire portable equipment for your accommodation to assist with everyday movements, for example, a hoist to get in and out of bed.

It’s best to talk to your support coordinator or plan manager about your individual circumstances and goals to determine what you can claim from your NDIS plan.  

Depending on your goals and personal circumstances you might be able to claim: 


You may be able to claim the cost of transport while on holidays if you have to pay for transport that is more expensive due to your disability. An example of this could be the difference between the cost of a normal taxi and an accessible taxi.  

Additional cost of an accessible room 

If your accommodation is more expensive due to the impact of your disability this additional expense might be able to be claimed. 

Additional cost of hiring an accessible vehicle 

If on your travels you need to hire a vehicle with wheelchair accessibility you may be able to claim the difference between the cost of hiring a small vehicle and the large accessible vehicle. 

Accessible travel providers 

If you’re thinking about using your NDIS funding to support a holiday, we have had a look at what accessible travel options are available for new and experienced travellers and chatted to a few accessible travel providers about their tips for using your funding for a holiday. 

If you need any help you can always contact us via phone or email if you need help in understanding what’s possible through your NDIS plan.




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