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Get through the pandemic with extra flexibility in your NDIS plan

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With our world constantly changing at the moment, a little bit of flexibility can go a long way – that’s the feedback we’re getting from our clients.

If extra flexibility to choose from a greater range of providers would help you to access the services you need, then My Plan Manager can help! Being plan managed means you’re not restricted to registered providers like you are when you’re agency managed.

We’re here to help and we’re delivering a full service with no interruption during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To move from being agency managed to being plan managed, at no cost to you, your plan needs to include financial management, which is listed on your plan as ‘Improved Life Choices’.

You MUST say this is because of coronavirus situation. This means the NDIA special teams of planners will be able to change your plan within 24 hours to two weeks instead of the standard time (which can take several months).

Check your plan to see if it includes Improved Life Choices and if it doesn’t:

  1. Call the NDIA on 1800 800 110 and then press 5. Make sure you have your NDIS number ready and your plan, if you have it.
  2. Let them know you need plan changes because of the impact of coronavirus.
  3. Tell them you need more flexibility to use non-registered providers so you want to be plan managed by My Plan Manager.  They will ask you how your plan is managed now (agency managed or self managed).
  4. NDIS will transfer your refer your request to the special team of planners. They will get in touch once you’ve been approved.  
  5. Now you can sign up with My Plan Manager! You can call us we’ll get you set up over the phone, or you can quickly and easily register online




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