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Guide: Five tips for getting your NDIS provider invoices paid quickly

If you are an NDIS service provider with clients who are plan managed by My Plan Manager, we know you want to get paid as quickly as possible. Here are some things you can do to get that money in your bank faster:

1. Brush up on NDIS and ATO rules

The ATO has standard requirements for invoices, and they provide specific information that relates to NDIS providers. MPM’s technology has been designed to incorporate these requirements while ensuring invoices can be paid as fast as possible, so you’re not out of pocket for services you have delivered. Just remember that the NDIS does not pay in advance for services and you can only invoice after you have delivered the service.

2. Consider a service agreement

You might want to consider having a service agreement between you and the NDIS participant agreeing on the cost and quantity of the service you are delivering. If you chose to enter into a service agreement MPM can allocate the agreed funding in the client’s plan. Here is a handy guide on service agreements.

You can use the NDIS price guide to find budget support category line items and price limits that apply to the service you are invoicing for.

3. Check your invoice has all the right info

For MPM to be able to process your invoice we need it to include the NDIS requirements, plus a few extra things. Every invoice must include the following before we can pay it:

  • A unique invoice number
  • Participant full name
  • The date(s) of support delivered
  • The total quantity of the support delivered each session
  • The hourly rate being charged (check the NDIS Price Guide)
  • Provider ABN
  • The bank account details where you want us to pay the money (account name, BSB and account number).

It’s also really helpful if you can include the client’s NDIS number, if you know it. This helps us find your client in our system.

To make life easier, we made an invoice checklist and an invoice template that you can use to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

4. Make sure you’re sending invoices to the right place

If you’re sending an invoice to My Plan Manager, email the invoice as a PDF to [email protected]. This is our mailbox for invoices requiring payment.

If you need to follow up an unpaid invoice please email [email protected] or call us with the below details:

  • Ticket reference number that you received from us when you first sent through the original invoice
  • ​​​​​What the query is about i.e. you are following up an unpaid invoice
  • The name of the client the invoice is being paid for
  • Invoice number.

It’s important not to send through the original invoice again as this will cause a duplicate in our system and will hold up the payment being processed even longer.

5. Attach your invoice as a PDF

If you’ve followed all the tips above and your invoice includes all the right information, then the last thing you need to do is make sure you send your invoice as a PDF file. This makes it much easier for us to access and process.

Here’s some help on how to make your invoices into PDF files, for a range of common invoicing programs:

Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Access): Instructions to save or convert a file to PDF.

Xero: Attach a file to an invoice, credit note or prepayment email.

MYOB: Attaching documents to bills.

Quickbooks: How do I attach documents to invoice?




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  1. Stephanie Pickett

    Thank you for this newsletter from hear on I will definitely be following your invoice suggestion.

    Much pleasure in learning

    • Sophie

      Thanks Stephanie! Glad it was useful for you.

  2. Sue Ottaway

    I have been doing hand written invoices that I take a photo of and email to your accounts email. Is this still ok to do.

    • Max

      Hi Sue,
      Yes of course can still send your hand written invoices as a photo! Just remember to include all the relevant information to ensure swift processing.
      Max @ MPM

  3. Kirsty

    Hello. Do you have an app that providers can use to send their invoices through or do you plan to develop one? Thankyou

    • Sophie

      Hi Kirsty, we’re currently looking at developing a provider portal which would allow providers to upload invoices – as well as a range of other things. This could eventually include an app as well. Stay tuned!

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