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How can I use my plan-managed transport budget?

Man in an electric wheelchair

Need help utilising your plan-managed transport budget? We’re here to support you with this helpful guide!

What is transport funding?

You might have a transport budgets included in your plan if you have trouble accessing mainstream transport, such as public buses or trains.

Most transport budgets fall into three funding levels and are assigned by the NDIA based on your level of need.

How can I utilise my transport funding?

There are two main ways that you can use your plan-managed transport funding:

  1. Payment to your personal account: MPM can make payments directly to your personal bank account for you to use on reasonable and necessary supports, like accessible taxis.
  2. Payment of invoices: You can use your transport budget flexibly to pay for transport supports by submitting invoices or reimbursement requests to My Plan Manager.

How does a payment to my account work?

If you have a plan-managed transport budget available, MPM can set up regular payments directly to your bank account.

You can set this up by contacting one of our friendly staff.

How much plan-managed funding can I get paid to me at once?

If you ask for plan-managed transport funds to be paid to your bank account, MPM will make regular transport payments to your account for the life of your plan.

For example, if you have a plan-managed budget of $3,456 for a 12-month plan, MPM would usually pay $288 per month to your nominated account.

You can always contact MPM and we will work with you to decide how often the payments are made, and how much.




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