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Provider portal

A better way to send and manage your invoices

My Plan Manager's provider portal displayed on a tablet
My Plan Manager's provider portal displayed on a laptop

Looking to access our provider portal?

We’re investing in our client and provider experience by making important upgrades to our systems and technology. We won’t be adding new users to the provider portal for the next couple of months until all upgrades are completed and full functionality is restored. Thanks for bearing with us!

My Plan Manager's provider portal displayed on a mobile

Icon of a laptop and a speech bubble
My Plan Manager’s provider portal gives you real-time information about your invoice payments.

Just log in to see all your invoices and track them through the payment process. 

You can also submit your invoices directly through the portal, either by uploading the file, or generating your invoice in the platform by typing the details into our e-invoice feature. 

What can I do on the provider portal?

The portal lets you submit and track invoice payments, whether you’re at work or on the go. You can:

Check payment status

See all the invoices you’ve submitted and where they are up to in the payment process.

Create an invoice

Use our new e-invoice feature to generate your invoice just by typing in the details.

View invoice history

See the details of all current and past invoices.

Send invoices

Upload and submit invoices directly into the portal for us to process.

Getting started with our provider portal

Securely log in to submit invoices and track payments.


Go to the provider portal from our website


Type in your email address or mobile number


Wait for the SMS or email with your code


Enter the code to complete your login

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What our providers are saying about the portal:

“Very well laid out and easy to read through… I’m a sole provider and it’s really straightforward and simple to view.” – Jenny

“Really easy to use… You can see invoices that have gone through, you can see if it’s been processed and also if it’s been paid.” – Chris

“I really like the invoice table because you can see all the invoices submitted. It says if it’s paid, which is really handy especially at tax time.” – Jenny

Award-winning technology

Making the lives of our clients and providers easier through accessible technology is important to us. That’s why we were proud to win second place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for 2020, as well as the Technology Female Leadership Award for the highest-ranked company on the list with a female founder or CEO: My Plan Manager has both.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2020 Australia Top 50

Provider portal frequently asked questions

How do I log in to the provider portal?

With a passwordless login ! There is no need to remember any passwords.

Once you have been setup with a user you can visit providers.myplanmanager.com.au and enter the email address or mobile number you registered with us. You will receive an email or SMS from us with a code. Entering the code in the login screen will take you in to the portal.

Do I need a new code each time?

Codes are one time use and also expire after 15 minutes. Just re-enter your email address or mobile number to receive a new code and login again.

Can I see all of my invoices?

You can view a list of your invoices and see where they are in the payment process. There will be two statuses available: In Progress (from the time sent to MPM until paid by the NDIA) or Paid. Please note some invoices will have multiple services to be paid. The status will remain as In Progress until all of the services have been paid.

What if I am unable to locate an invoice in the portal?

 Contact us at MPM and we will assist you further.  

Can I send invoices to MPM in the portal?

You can upload your PDF or JPG invoices and then there’s no need to email them to us.

You can upload up to 10 files at a time and for multiple MPM clients.

If I don't have a PDF or JPG invoice can I still submit it in the portal?

You can create your invoices using the e-Invoice form in the portal. Enter all the details and the invoice will be sent to us. You can also download a PDF copy of the e-Invoice when you submit it.  

What if I need to be paid for multiple services I provided to my MPM client and I do not have a PDF or JPG invoice?

You can add multiple services to the one invoice using the e-Invoice form. We will handle the payment for each service on our end.

Can I update my business details in the portal?

Some details are available in the portal but they are read-only. If you need to update any business details please contact MPM.

I need technical help with the provider portal!

Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you. 

Can I make changes to my login details?

Yes, you can. Get in touch with us and submit a request to update your login details.

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