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Kathryn: My Plan Story

A woman scuba diving.

Our newest plan story comes from Kathryn who has chosen to share her NDIS experience in her own words:

“I remember my initial NDIS planning meeting. It was on a Tuesday afternoon. The NDIS planner came to my house and I had my folder full of paperwork and my notes on my laptop ready. Oh My God! I don’t think that I had spoken that much. By the end of it I was starting to lose my voice. I went to my No Strings Attached Theater rehearsal that night and my voice was so scratchy. I said “2 hour NDIS planning meeting you’re going to have to accept my voice the way it is tonight.

I have been just so grateful to My Plan Manager.

I actually first found out about them at an NDIS expo. I had picked up a flyer and put it in my folder with all my other NDIS resources so I could keep track of them in one place. It is so easy to manage my funds with MPM.

I am always keeping track of my accounts online so I don’t overspend.

I like how I can use the MPM app to keep track of my balance and still not have cash access to my NDIS funds so I can’t blow it all at once. Not that I want to blow it all I just find that if I am not keeping track of it I might mindlessly spend it and then end up with a few months left and have no money.

I am currently looking forward to my first international trip with NSA. We are taking our brand new show “I Forgot To Remember To Forget” to the Singapore for the True Colours Festival in March 2018. The True Colours Festival celebrates artists with disabilities throughout the Asia Pacific region. This will be my first international trip and I am really looking forward to it.  I also attend weekly rehearsals with NSA to keep up my skill set (particularly my vocal skills) and for social participation.

I use my some of my NDIS funds on my Immersion Therapy sessions with Determined 2.

Going underwater with all the scuba gear on is so much fun.

I have to admit that it is a bit daunting at first because it doesn’t feel natural staying under for so long. Sometimes I stay still for too long and end up on the bottom of the pool like a turtle on its back just looking at the roof and bubbles going up from my regulator. Then I stay at the pool a bit longer to make sure that I do all my stretches from my physiotherapist  that help me maintain my flexibility.

I’ve just spent the morning with my support worker that helped me go out shopping and we stopped off and had lunch. I am so surprised with all the things that I get assistance with using my NDIS funds. I’m sure that I will find more as the year goes on and be able to improve my plan for next year. My NDIS journey is just beginning and I am looking forward to seeing where it will lead.”



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