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What is Kinora?

Kinora is an online platform where you can access a whole community of support. People who are also in your situation or have been there before you. People with more ideas, different perspectives, creative solutions. People who understand.

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We are your support

Kinora is where people with disability and their support network can connect with each other. You can ask questions or share thoughts with the Kinora community. You can also respond to questions and share your knowledge and experience. Built on inclusiveness, kindness and support, and we make sure it’s a safe space, free from judgement or negative behaviour.

We are capacity builders

Kinora helps people with disability and their supporters to build capacity and community connection by starting a conversation, having a yarn, comparing notes and learning from each other.

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Who can join Kinora?

Anybody can join the Kinora community for free, you don’t need to be a My Plan Manager client to join. You will also get free access to our NDIS experts, a private discussion group for you and your close supporters and access to online community events featuring topics to help you through your journey with the NDIS. 

Is Kinora free?

Yes Kinora is free. No strings attached and no credit card necessary. Enjoy all Kinora has to offer for free, the community can’t wait to meet you!

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We get it

We know that your support network is everything. We’re proud to be part of that network for each of our clients, alongside their family and friends, support coordinators and other important providers. The NDIS can be hard work, and support is essential. Together, we can all help take the stress out of NDIS for each other. That is true empowerment and that is Kinora. 

Kinora online community

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