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My Plan Manager’s client Michael Mooney is thriving in business

A black and white photo of My Plan Manager client and business owner Michael Mooney

My Plan Manager client Michael Mooney has a business called Greens2U, where he grows vegetables and sells them to his local community. 

Click below to watch his video:

Michael started his business 5-years ago with the help of the NDIS, and said there’s never a dull moment.  

If I’m not seeding, I’m planting.  If I’m not planting, I’m picking. If I’m not picking, I’m fertilising,” he said.  

Michael’s cousin Claire said it’s been amazing to watch his business grow.  

“Every time we come down he’s always so eager to show us what’s happening in the garden {and} the new things that he’s grown,” said Claire.  

“Even before the business he was always gardening, giving us tips, giving us produce, so it’s great that he can do something that he loves, and be able to share that with the community.”  

Michael had a landscaper design the garden beds, his local Lions Club did the stonework and helped him dig, and he had a couple of volunteers come in and help him too.  

My Plan Manager processes Michael’s NDIS invoices to ensure his support staff get paid. 

“It’s been great having My Plan Manager to be able to take that anxiety away from Michael”, said Claire.  

“Having that help, being able to look after bills, managing that for Michael; it just removes all of that anxiety and worry {because} there’s other people that can support Michael and support us as a family.” 

Michael said his business ‘is like a 24-hour job’, however to him, it’s worth it.  

“It gives me pleasure, just watching seeds grow then watering and finally picking. Then going to sell and seeing people’s happiness on their faces when they see me.” 

Click here to watch Michael’s video.

Looking to start a business? Help is available

If you or a person you care for wants to start a business, there is NDIS funding available to remove barriers to start up and running a business.  This funding is called ‘Employment Supports’ and ‘Specialised Supported Employment’ 

Employment Supports come from the NDIS capacity building budget category and is temporary assistance to help build skills and become more independent. It can provide short term assistance to help explore the type of work or business that suits you or a person you care for, build foundational skills, manage complex barriers, or even develop a career plan. 

Specialised Supported Employment is ongoing core budget funding that can be used in any place of work – including a business like Michael runs.  

To access this type of funding, you or a person you care for will need to have a ‘capacity building’ or ‘core supports’ budget allocated to a plan.  

These budget lines are not automatically added into a plan, and every plan is different. We recommend speaking to your Local Area Coordinator to decide whether a plan review is required to accommodate your self-employment goals.  

If you would like to know how to maximise your NDIS funding to start or grow a business, My Plan Manager is here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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