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My Plan Manager’s technology to make your life easier

At My Plan Manager, we realise the crucial role technology plays in making not just everyday life easier, but managing your NDIS plan too. That’s why we’re always striving to give you the best tools, with new features and improvements to platforms we already offer. 

Clients may have already logged in and used our online portal, all your NDIS categories and budgets easy to access, a super-simple form to claim an invoice and all of your providers listed with one click. Working off your valuable feedback, we’ve been working hard at accessibility and creating a platform that works well for everyone. Log in now to take a look, if you haven’t yet. 

Pay Now is a game changing addition to our mobile app. Once activated for your account, it enables you to generate a single-use virtual credit card with a unique number, to pay for services under Improved Daily Living Skills and Improved Relationships. Available for purchases $500 and under, the virtual credit card means you no longer have to pay out of pocket and claim reimbursement, or wait for the provider to send us an invoice. 

If you would like to use Pay Now, make sure you have the most recent version of the MPM app by checking your Google Play or App Store. Contact us and request Pay Now be switched on for you. 

Find more information at: PAY NOW Virtual Credit Card Payments

We also have a budget calculator which is a handy tool allowing those without plans to put together a draft to help them with a planning meeting, as well as enabling those with current plans to designate funding to supports and strategise on spending for the duration of their plan.   

We still have a number of projects in the works too.  Stay tuned for a new portal for providers, which will offer providers a chance to lodge claims directly with us, speeding up payment times and reducing internal administration for providers. 

We’re always open to suggestions. If there are improvements or features you’d like to see, let us know. 




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