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Philly: My Plan Story

A black and white photo of a woman, smiling at the camera

Philly is a mum of three from Adelaide, who loves fantasy novels, her labrador and her three cats. Currently she manages four NDIS plans, one for each of her children, and one for herself. Her youngest daughter was the first of the family to access the NDIS, three years ago, and as part of her NDIS Journey, Philly found out about My Plan Manager through word of mouth in online forums.

Having had her plans all managed successfully with us, one day while talking to a member of our relationships team, she mentioned that she was completing her certificate three in financial services and she’d love to join MPM as an employee. She sent her resume in, and the rest is history! Currently a key member of our Accounts Team, Philly says that being plan managed with MPM freed up her time and made her life easier, but becoming a part of the MPM team opened up her world. In the past she faced multiple barriers to employment related not just to her own disability, but also being in a carer role for her children. The flexibility of her new role makes her feel like these barriers have all been overcome.

A highly creative person, Philly is an author, currently working on a personal story to be published as part of an anthology at the end of the year, as well as finishing the first draft of her latest fantasy novel. She had also run a photography business for seven years before setting it aside when other responsibilities had to take priority. When we were building our new website, Philly was the obvious choice for photographer, and many the images you see here were taken by her.

Philly feels as though the NDIS has given her her independence back, and through this and her new position, she’s learned even more new skills, including the transportation she uses to get to the office. She’s looking to the future, getting through the second draft with her novel and sharing more of her work with the world.




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