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Poem: Together overcome

The sun setting over the ocean

By Dean McFadyen

This article is part of My Plan Manager’s guest blogger series.

Being the light when I cannot see,
Being the strength when my body can’t be,
Being the thoughts when my mouth may not sound,
Just being in love with my partner abound.

Being at one when I use to be whole,
Being broken some,
forever now pay the toll,
I may not be,
the person once was,
But I am still the one of mind and of love.

The oceans not far and the salt it’s still there,
The sea breeze I feel as it blows through my hair,
The sun kissed sand the sea growls within,
But still your same bloke under this damaged skin.

The surf and the power of waves that roll on,
Disability cursed but still can float and sing song,
The songs of your voice, the trouble you take,
To comfort me so, when asleep or awake.

For you are my love, sacrifices made,
As my body it fails to move and obey,
You are the courage, the muscle in me,
And together overcome as the sand kisses sea.

A man singing and playing electric guitar on stage. He has tattoos on his arms and wears a kilt.

Dean McFadyen is a 51 year-old father of two, with two grandchildren. One of his children was severely disabled and sadly passed away at the age of four.  Dean plays guitar in an AC/DC tribute band and has written lyrics for songs his whole life until recently when he had to have major heart surgery. This is when he started writing poems about life, experiences, love, loss, family, and adventures. Dean has recently started his own poetry-writing business.




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1 Comment

  1. Julie Pederick

    Dean this is absolutely stunning & beautiful.

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