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Proposed Changes to the NDIS Act available for review

A close-up of a person guiding a visually-impaired person

Did you know that the Commonwealth Government is currently out to consultation about proposed changes to the NDIS? My Plan Manager has been taking a look at the changes proposed to the NDIS, highlighting some areas to take a closer look at. We’ve also tried to simplify some of the detail.

These changes have the potential to impact all stakeholders within our community, including you, a close family member or the person you may be caring for. It’s worth taking the time to review what is being proposed.

Co-Design of the Scheme is an important part of any planned changes to how the NDIS works, and you are encouraged to get involved, but your feedback to the Department of Social Services must be sent to them by midnight, 7 October.

The proposed changes largely reflect the review of the legislation which occurred earlier this year known as the “Tune Review”. Some of the big changes are:

  1. There have been some edits to the General Principles of the Act. These largely seem to remove the principle of involving people with disability to the “extent” of their ability or capacity in social and economic participation and decision-making. The reason for this shift is unclear given the highly valued close alignment of the current Act with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  2. The Act introduces the Participant Service Guarantee (the PSG). This is widely seen as a positive step, and the idea behind this change is to cut wait times and red tape, and set new standards for how long NDIS processes and decisions take.
  3. As promised by the Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Senator Linda Reynolds CSC, Independent Assessments are no longer a feature of any proposed changes. We do however recommend you look at the Rules for “Becoming a Participant”. They are important because they now set out some specific access criteria for Scheme eligibility that are different from what is currently used.
  4. As described in the Tune Review, a risk assessment of people who want to plan manage can now be undertaken by the NDIA. This change is important because it includes some considerations the Agency would use in determining if someone can or can not access plan management. There is also little clarity about how someone would appeal any decision made by the Agency with regards to their decision.
  5. As also described in the Tune Review, there is a broadly welcomed intention for increased plan flexibility. This change is important because it may reduce wait times, improve outcomes for participants and get people what they need in their plans, faster.

There are many other changes in the legislation, so please visit here to learn more. Also, you may like to visit Kinora if you want to reach out to other participants to share your thoughts, ask a question or listen to what others are saying.

The timeline to have your voice heard is very short. The closing date for feedback to the NDIA is 7 October. Due to be debated in Federal Parliament as soon as late October of this year, new legislation could be approved and in action within the next few months.




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