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Kinora for service providers 

Attracting new clients in a cluttered market can be hard – but that’s where Kinora can help. 

As a service provider, you can join the Kinora community today and start interacting with people with disability and their supporters, as well as disability sector peers and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) experts. 

You can also step it up a notch by showcasing your business on the Kinora Marketplace. 

Powered by My Plan Manager, the Kinora Marketplace puts service providers from across Australia in front of thousands of potential clients, connecting people with disability to the supports and services they need – when they need them!  

By signing up to join the Marketplace, you can gain the competitive advantage that is offered by engaging directly with the broader Kinora community, a network of consumers and providers that is built on trust and focused on solutions. 

You can also build your business’ brand awareness, take booking requests, and speak with potential clients in your local area and around the country.  

Kinora is a community of solutions that anyone can join, and the great news is, we’re just getting started. As our community grows, so too does its demand for quality services and expertise from reliable providers that people can trust.    

Through Kinora, you can open your business up to new clients by:  

  • establishing a customised business profile and service listings (describing what you do in detail) in Kinora’s Marketplace – searchable by keyword or service category;   
  • answering questions from the Kinora community to add value to consumers, build trust and grow brand awareness; and   
  • taking booking requests for your services.     

Click here to learn more about the benefits Kinora delivers to service providers.

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