Supporting you during the COVID-19 changes

Supporting you during the COVID-19 changes

We’ve been here the whole time during the pandemic with all our services running as usual – and we’re not going anywhere.  MPM’s leading technology has meant that our call centre and operations have been able to stay open for you. We’ve also been working on some other ways we can help you continue to get the support you need.

For important or urgent messages you want to get to us about your COVID-19 experience we’ve just launched a new online form you can use to tell us if something goes wrong with your provider and you want us to help. This might be about cancelled appointments, price increases you haven’t approved, or certain types of services not being available anymore.  When we get this information, we’ll give you a call to chat about what we can do to help.

We’ve heard that some our clients are worried about the NDIS’s 10% increase to price limits. The price guide change doesn’t mean that the price of your service can automatically go up. If providers need to charge a bit more at the moment and choose to put their prices up, they still need to talk to you about this and explain why they need to charge more.

You are still free to look for other providers at any time. Not all providers will have put their prices up and many MPM clients pay under the price guide for their supports.  One of the best things about being plan-managed is that you can choose any provider, not just the ones that are NDIS-registered.

If you have a support coordinator, they are usually the best person to help you with any unplanned or planned changes to your services. But of course My Plan Manager can help you too, especially if it’s around managing your budget.

We’re also working on an online provider register for our website. You’ll be able to use this to search for your providers to see any changes and you can keep up to date with services that are available. We’ll let you know when this is up and running.

We’re here to support you through this.

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