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The COVID-19 experience of a Deaf Auslan Brisbanite

By Shawn Phua

This article is part of My Plan Manager’s guest blogger series.

When I visited my friends on the northside of Brisbane, I saw Shorncliffe Pier and Redcliffe Jetty. They were nice tourist and local attractions. I liked the beach, fresh air and waves. I could smell the sea and the sand. 🙂 I have not visited beaches for a long time due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite social distancing restrictions being gradually reduced, I still can’t visit beaches or bayside towns which are more than 50KMs away from my area (usually 1 hour drive away).

1) Pier reminded me of Shorncliffe Pier.

2) Gold-Yellow wooden rails reminded me of Redcliffe Jetty when the sun shines at the walkway.

3) Red spots means crabs that I like to look, interact and hold cute baby crabs on my hands.

4) Black rocks = I visited Bayside towns for leisure walks with my family and friends.

5) Yellow sands reminded me of Gold Coast, Moreton Bay and Redlands Bay beaches that I like to visit.

6) Green stuff texture = algae and seaweed.

7) The sea (blue waves) has clean waves due to less people activity.

8) Purple background reminded me that everyone have to stay at home and avoid public places due to COVID-19 strict requirements.

9) Light blue clouds = the earth is having a “physical detox” from humans activity to reinvigorate itself.

10) Red surroundings stand for community suffering from Coronavirus.

11) Maroon background stands for unexpected changes that we have to accept.

12) Yellow and orange skyscape represent air improvement due to no pollution.

A group of around 30 people seated in a room theatre-style. Everyone is smiling at the camera and waving their hands in applause.

Shawn Phua is profoundly Deaf. He can communicate in Australian Sign Language, Australian Signed English, written English and Australian Sign Supported English. His personal interests are travelling and meeting new people. Shawn is a NDIS participant.




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