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The Time I Lost My Hearing Aid In The Club

A dark hazy red light filled nightclub filled with people.

By Giovanni Graziano

This article is part of My Plan Manager’s guest blogger series.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go clubbing with hearing aids?

By now, you may have read about some of the struggles I have faced during my time at school and entering the workforce, but what about my private life?

Today I’d like to share some humorous tidbits about the joys of wearing hearing aids. Please keep in mind hearing aids come in all different shapes and sizes so experiences may differ between individuals. These are simply the experiences that have shaped my teen years.

My hearing aids are snuggled safely in my ear canal. Precisely moulded to the exact shape of my ear, so that, no matter how much I shake my head or move around they sit comfortably and don’t so much as wiggle an inch—mind you they are no bigger than an inch themselves.

In all my years of wearing hearing aids, they have only ever fallen out once—in a crowded, hot, sweaty nightclub.

It was a Friday like any other, my friends and I enter an establishment, music blaring. Having had a few (responsible) drinks beforehand, we were ready to hit the dancefloor. As the night progresses another patron and I are getting familiar, the music flowing through our hips. It’s hot and sweaty, overcrowded, and hazy. As fate would have it, we embrace in a moment of passion that sees us floating around the dancefloor unaware of our surroundings.

Having worn hearing aids all my life, it has become an automatic reaction to touch my ears every so often to make sure my hearing aids are still firmly in place.

To my horror, as I’m still locked in an embrace, I don’t feel my left hearing aid.

Awaken from the trance-like state I was in; I immediately drop down to the floor. An eye-wateringly expensive piece of equipment the size of a grape was somewhere on a huge sticky pitch-black dancefloor. All it would have taken was just the thought of being stepped on to decimate the piece of equipment, an iota of force.

Yet to my disbelief, the hearing aid was still intact and right where I had blindly reached out. To this day I’m still convinced someone out there was looking over me, parting the sea of patrons and shining a light from above.

Safe to assume from that night onwards I never wore my hearing aids out clubbing again.

Just before I go, I’d like to answer some questions that I often get asked. I do not sleep with my hearing aids, nor do I shower with them. And yes, I can hear without them, just not very well. One time I hopped into the shower with my hearing aids in unknowingly and was absolutely bewildered by the loud racket. As I looked around in confusion, trying to work out what was going on, I realised I had forgotten to take them out. Who knew how loud something as inconspicuous as a shower could be?

A man in a suit and a football scarf sits in front of a red artwork.

Giovanni Graziano is an enthusiastic and passionate marketing graduate whose first job at Subway led to the realisation that there are two types of people in this world: those that have worked in fast food, and those that have not. Fuelled by a desire to work in the advertising industry, his interests include fast-moving consumer goods and cinema. Giovanni has been hearing impaired from birth.




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