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Tip: Why you need to send NDIS invoices within 90 days

Unfortunately, we’re seeing an increase in situations where invoices are coming in more than 90 days after a plan has ended, meaning the NDIS service booking has closed. When this happens, the plan manager’s claim needs to be manually processed by the NDIA in a national queue that can take several months.

As plan managers are a financial intermediary, we need to wait for these funds to come through from the NDIA before we can then pass the payment on to the provider. At My Plan Manager, we’ve been advocating to the NDIA on behalf of both providers and clients to try to improve this process as we know it puts a real strain on both parties.

The best way to avoid this is to always send us your invoices as soon as possible – within 14 days is ideal.

We’ve also published an article on our website reminding providers of some tips to ensure invoices can be paid as quickly as possible.




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