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We’re celebrating International Day of People with Disability

IDPwD banner with a blue figure that reads: Celebrate achievements and contributions

3 December 2020

International Day of People with a Disability (IDPwD) is an important day at MPM, where we recognise every person with a disability, the things you’re great at, and the contribution you make to our community.

It’s an important opportunity to celebrate the achievements of people with a disability and promote awareness, understanding and acceptance among the people in our lives.

MPM’s mission is to work towards an inclusive community where people with a disability can reach their full potential in life. We advocate for the rights of people with disability and work to drive much-needed change in attitudes around disability.

To all our clients, and the broader disability community – keep doing all the awesome things you’re good at and thanks for being you!

Meet two of our clients, Leahland and Gail. Leahland is great at being there for others in his life and making sure they are happy. He loves birds and hopes to own one when he gets older. As one of our many younger clients, Leahland is a making a positive impact to his community.

Leahland, MPM client.
Leahland, MPM client.

Gail is a recent amputee and has just been fitted with a new high tech leg. She hopes by sharing her story it will inspire confidence in new amputees.

Gail, MPM client.

Let’s work together to challenge the perceptions around disability and create a world where people are viewed for their positive contribution towards creating a more inclusive community.




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