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Wil: My Plan Story

Our latest Plan Story comes from Wil and his family. They were clients from the early beginnings of My Plan Manager and we’ve been a part of Wil’s NDIS journey for a few years now.

Wil is 16 and loves; sport, PS4, his family, his dog Bob and his friends. Those around him describe him as kind, caring, always hungry, loud and funny. Living with his mum, dad and 11 year old sister Ruby, he is happy to try new things but his number one passion is playing soccer. Wil is currently doing year ten and is popular at school, with lots of friends in both the Supported Learning Centre and the mainstream public high school.

This is Wil’s 3rd year with NDIS funding and his family were one of MPM’s first clients. Wil’s mum said “Claire recognised that we were drowning as a family due to the passing of my father, caring for my mother after a hip replacement and Andrew and I both working full-time as well as attempting to run our busy home for Wil and Ruby. Claire helped us with the application forms, helped us at our first interview then transitioned us to MPM, doing everything she could to help us. She also connected us with Hire Up, Special Olympics, Occupational Therapy and generally saved us at a time when we were falling.

NDIS and MPM have both significantly improved our quality of life. I’m not sure what our lives would look like without them and I recognise how fortunate we are that the NDIS scheme is around now to help Wil. I’ve heard many people say that it’s all too hard and it did take time to get things running smoothly but it was worth the effort. Wil loves going out with his carers to sporting events, appointments and as a teenager would rather go out with them than his nerdy parents and Ruby enjoys having mum and dad time without Wil around. He is becoming more confident and independent and we contribute this to associating with positive role models and community inclusion thanks to the NDIS funding we have available.”

Supported by his funding and his family, Wil is heavily involved in sport and thanks to Special Olympics has played soccer for Team SA at the National Games. His team had some excellent games and won a bronze medal. Wil had the best time playing soccer and staying with his friends at The Grand for a week. He also plays basketball and AFL football, is a strong swimmer and all round talented athlete. Recently, he played soccer in Canberra and scored three of his team’s four goals in their tournament winning match.

As well as the sporting activities he has participated in, Special Olympics offered two opportunities earlier this year where Wil and his mum travelled to Canberra for a Special Olympics 50th anniversary reception at the Governor Generals House to meet the Chairman of Special Olympics Dr Tim Shriver and the Governor General. They also attended another reception at Kirribilli House in Sydney to meet the Prime Minister and Mrs Turnbull.

Wil has also joined a mainstream team at a local soccer club and is enjoying training and playing with a group of competitive young men. He is heavily involved in all things sport at school including mainstream PE lessons and the specialised soccer program. One thing he’s really proud of is receiving the Supported Learning Centre Sport Award from his high school in 2016 & 2017. His family believes that his success would not be possible without Special Olympics and the volunteer coaches that run the programs. Special Olympics has lots of programs and there is something for everyone.  The carers that they have found on Hire Up often take him to training sessions and have become Wil’s greatest fans. His family support and encourage Wil’s involvement in his sporting adventures. Ruby, his sister is a talented gymnast so they have a busy house feeding everyone and getting ready for the next training session or competition.

The next big milestone in Wil’s life will be transitioning from school to the workforce. He’s participated in work experience at Bedford with his school in term 2.  Wil isn’t sure what he wants to do for a job but like most teenagers his dream job would be playing soccer or PS4.




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