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By Chris This article is part of My Plan Manager’s guest blogger series. Hi, I’m Chris, an Autistic person in their mid-40s. Like many people, my disability is invisible. There’s millions of people with invisible disabilities. Having a disability is hard, it’s even harder[…]

On your NDIS journey, you interact with a lot of people working in different roles, with somewhat confusing job titles. Often there is not a lot of explanation on what services they provide and what their responsibilities[…]

Finding a service provider that suits your needs can be a lengthy process, but once you find the right person/business it can change your life and help you achieve your goals faster.  At My Plan Manager, we like[…]

Getting set up for plan management is easy – you just need to ask your NDIA planner or local area coordinator (LAC) to set up your plan as “plan managed” and include “Improved Life Choices” in your[…]

By Belle Owen There is plenty of information on how to start your NDIS plan off right, setting up supports and allocating budgets. There’s also plenty of advice on what to do when your NDIS plan is[…]