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We’ll take the stress out of the NDIS so you get more out of your plan

Invoices paid
within three days

Your choice
of providers


It costs
you nothing

Why choose My Plan Manager?

My Plan Manager was one of the first plan management services in Australia. Today, we are Australia’s largest plan manager, which means our experts have the experience and know-how to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan.

Up-to-date budget tracking

Your budget balances are automatically updated once invoices are paid, so you will always know how much you have spent and how much is left in your budget. You can view your budget at any time using our secure client portal and mobile app, or by getting in touch with us.

Easy-to-use online portal

Securely log in to manage one or multiple NDIS plans. Keep track of budgets, update information and connect with your team. Submit and review invoices and feel assured they are safely stored in case you are selected for an audit.

Freedom of choice

With My Plan Manager, you can choose the support you want from any service provider – not just NDIS-registered providers.

What our clients are saying

My Plan Manager
Based on 190 reviews
23:37 01 Mar 22
Been with MPM for myself and my son’s plans for a few years and I’m very happy with the quality and range of service they provide. Invoicing process has been good and whenever there’s been any issues or questions, MPM have helped to resolve it quickly. They are helpful and have clearly explained details whenever I’ve had queries, as well as offering assistance and advice where possible. The text message notifications for submitted & paid invoices help me feel more in control and updated with my plan, and save me from having to repeatedly check emails, the app etc. trying to follow up payments. Overall, with their quick, friendly and helpful service, I definitely recommend MPM for anyone looking to relieve any stress and pressure, that can come with managing their NDIS plan.
Shane Withers
Shane Withers
01:57 28 Feb 22
We have been seeing clients through My Plan manager for several years and are extremely happy with their streamlined service and easy to work with systems. Payments are always prompt and never any issues.
Jo Belperio
Jo Belperio
07:34 25 Feb 22
I’ve been with MPM for 3 years now. They take all the worry of the payment of invoices from me. If I pay direct, my reimbursement is prompt. The MPM app is so easy to navigate and work your way through. Thanks.
Jodi McGuirk
Jodi McGuirk
02:17 25 Feb 22
My Plan Manager have been very helpful when needed, prompt with invoices and happy to help resolve issue if they arise. The online portal is user friendly too. Thanks MPM for several years of great service.
20:06 28 Nov 21
We just completed our first year using My Plan Manger and I total recommend it . After doing it ourselves for our son first year on NDIS , making payments and claims, trying to keep track was a real effort, but using My Plan Manager for the past year has made the process so much easier.As this is fully funded by the NDIS it make since that everyone should use a service like this so you can focus on the import stuff.Thank you My Plan Manger for you support for the past year.
Rebecca Rayne Kawiti
Rebecca Rayne Kawiti
01:33 27 Nov 21
My Plan Manager are fantastic. The speed in which they are able to deal with any situation or response removes a lot of stress from my shoulders. The act quickly and always keep me well informed.

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Log in with an SMS code sent straight to your phone – no more entering an email address and password! Simply open the app, enter the email address on your account, press ‘Send me the code’ and add the code
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Track spending

Access real-time information about your budget to track spending and maximise your NDIS plan. This includes viewing support categories, support areas, and auto-generated monthly reports. You can also generate your own reports to track spending.

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View claims

Check the details of past and current claims and see copies of invoices. 

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Add new supports and start new claims on the go

Choose to be reimbursed for invoices you have paid, or for providers to be paid for their services. 

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Get in touch

Contact My Plan Manager by pressing ‘click-to-call’ or requesting a call back.

Choice and control

Our mission is to create an inclusive Australia where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. For people with disabilities, this means having access to the widest choice of NDIS providers to suit your needs, and complete control over your budget and finances.

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did you know92% of people who move to My Plan Manager stay with My Plan Manager.

What is NDIS plan management?

Some people think NDIS plan managers just pay invoices. Not us. We work with you to maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan so you can live your best life.

An NDIS plan manager helps you maximise your plan and saves you time by dealing with your providers, managing your budget, paying your invoices, and giving independent guidance.

Provider management

Let us do the juggling. We can work directly with all your NDIS providers to ensure payments and invoice processing are seamless. Our online portal and mobile app make it easy to keep track of your budget.

Invoice processing

Let’s be frank. Paying invoices probably isn’t your idea of fun. But, the good news is — we love it! My Plan Manager receives invoices from your providers and pays them directly on your behalf. It’s fast, easy, and best of all, you don’t have to do it.

Claim lodgement

If logging into the Government’s NDIS portal doesn’t fill you with joy, help is at hand. My Plan Manager lodges your claims for you so you can spend your time doing something that makes you feel good instead.

Budget management

Get the most out of your NDIS budget. We are here to help you manage your spending and make sure you are getting the best possible value. Don’t risk under or overspending. Our experts are here to support and guide you.

Your choice of providers

If you are currently Agency managed, you are restricted to using only NDIS registered providers. We give you the choice of any provider, so you can choose the best care and services for you and your budget.

It costs you nothing

Plan management fees do not come out of your support budget. They are calculated in addition to your care needs and paid for separately by the NDIS. This means that there is no out of pocket cost to you.

Our values

At My Plan Manager, we have a strong commitment to our values. These are values that we aspire to reflect in our actions as a business and as individuals. We are passionately dedicated to being:





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