About us

Our founder

Claire Wittwer-Smith, the Creator & Director of My Plan Manager, has a passion for empowering people, and loves sharing her knowledge and experience of the disability and ageing sector.
Claire is a primary school teacher and has a formal qualification of a Masters in Special Education. She has been involved in Special Education as a teacher of children with a disability, in policy and planning with the State Government, with the National Disability Insurance Agency and most recently in the Disability and Inclusion Studies at Flinders University. Currently, she has committed herself to My Plan Manager full time.
Claire and her family are enthusiastic sports people with lots of energy and are welcoming and easy to work with.
In the last year, Claire assisted over 1,500 people to get their plans up, running and working for them.

My Plan Manager founder Claire Wittwer-Smith

About us

My Plan Manager offer you more choice and control over your support services. Our client-focused services include both financial and service intermediary supports. We specialise in helping you get the most out of your funding package. My Plan Manager is a dedicated, friendly team of people with varying experiences of disability, both lived and personal. Our goal is to save you time and effort in managing your NDIS funding. We are driven to enhance the lives of our clients, while pushing for much needed change in attitudes and policy around disability.

Our vision

My Plan Manager has a strong focus on providing the absolute best outcomes for our clients while advocating for societal change for the wider disability community. We constantly strive to be a business that not only positively influences our clients’ lives, but also has broader positive social and environmental impacts. Motivated by the philosophies of social betterment and sustainability, our vision is one of embracing diversity and reducing inequality, both within our business and out in the community. We recognise the worth every individual brings to our workplace and society in general.

Our Values

At My Plan Manager, we have a strong commitment to our values. We are passionately dedicated to: inclusivity, respect, reliability, understanding, acceptance, empathy, communication, transparency, accuracy, consistency and very importantly; fun. These are team values that we aspire to reflect in our actions as a business and as individuals.