My Plan Manager’s coronavirus response

My Plan Manager, like most businesses across Australia, is taking the risk of the spreading COVID-19 very seriously.

Our priority is to keep our business running smoothly to make sure your invoices are paid. We are taking steps to prepare and respond to do our bit to help contain the virus and keep the community safe.

We care about you, and we want you to continue to access all your supports safely.

Read more on how My Plan Manager is responding to COVID-19.

My Plan Manager clients get access to exclusive tools and support:

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Plan managing your NDIS funding with My Plan Manager gives you support, security, more options and more time to live the life you want.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)  is changing the way people with disabilities receive government support and funding, giving you more power over the way you work towards your goals.

Starting and managing an NDIS plan can be stressful and confusing. My Plan Manager is the most experienced plan management provider in Australia, with a dedicated friendly team, offering flexible support. It is our mission to offer individualised financial management, in meaningful and transparent ways, so that the initial complexities and ongoing responsibilities of being an NDIS participant don’t get in the way of you living your best life.

By choosing to be engaged with My Plan Manager, you gain access to leading edge technology and a wide range of supports.

Get exclusive access to:

Online Portal

Securely log in to manage one or multiple NDIS plans. Keep track of budgets, update information and connect with your team. Submit and review invoices and feel assured they are safely stored in case you are selected for an audit.

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Mobile Apps

The perfect companion to the online portal for those who want their NDIS info on the go. Easily submit invoices and receive push notifications when providers invoice us directly. Review and approve with one simple tap. Use the Pay Now feature to generate a virtual credit card and pay for services instantly. Our easy to use app is available on Android and iPhone so you have your NDIS information right at your fingertips on mobile or tablet.

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Budget Calculator

Waiting for your NDIS planning meeting? Our MPM calculator can be a useful tool to communicate your needs. Enter in supports you currently receive as well as those you believe you will need to reach your goals, to get an overview of the potential budget you might request.

Already have a plan? Whether Self, Agency or Plan Managed, the calculator can show you just what you can get from your allocated NDIS funding. It helps you plan which supports you access and how frequently, keeping you on track for your spending and making sure you have everything covered.

Budget Calculator
Plan Coaches

Our client focused approach sees you as part of a team, working towards achieving your goals. We will assign you a dedicated plan coach from our relationships team who will monitor the health of your budget and manage expectations, helping you stay on track with spending. They will support you through milestones and make renewing your plan as easy as possible.

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How we can help:

The NDIS is giving people with disabilities more choice and control over the supports you access, but having a plan is only the first step. Opting to be plan managed gives you freedom of choice as well as freedom from the obligations of paying and storing invoices.

We aim to empower our clients across Australia to feel confident about choosing supports in your community that will help you reach your goals.
Make sure you have ‘plan management’ included in your plan – with the funding allocated in your NDIS plan, there is no cost to you!

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My Plan Manager Mobile App
We've built in features to make viewing and managing your funding super simple and quicker than ever!
Push Notifications

Review new invoices instantly, we let you know right away of any new submissions.

Pay Now

Generate a virtual credit card to pay for services on the spot - no money out of your pocket.

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Manage Multiple Accounts

One user with one login can now manage multiple NDIS participants. Switch easily between plan views.

Invoice Status Icons

Easy to read status icons clearly indicate the current status of submitted invoices

Here's how MPM is working for some of our clients:
A better way to manage your NDIS funding.
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