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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for below, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also head over to our blog for the latest interesting articles, handy guides, and community stories.

NDIS Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

Being plan managed means that a NDIS-registered plan management provider (such as My Plan Manager) takes care of the admin of your NDIS funding. We pay your invoices and store your receipts for you, so you don’t need to worry about claiming payments through the NDIS MyPlace Portal or archiving receipts. Having a plan manager also means you can use service providers who are either registered or not registered with the NDIS.

Is there any cost to me?

No. Being plan managed means no out of pocket expense to you.

When you request to be Plan managed in your planning meeting the NDIA Planner or LAC will include an Improved Life Choices budget in your plan, in addition to your other budgets.. This includes the initial one-off cost (per plan) of getting you set up in our system and on the NDIS portal and supporting you as you transition to plan management, as well as our flat rate monthly fees.

How do I become Plan Managed?

To be plan managed, you must have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan.

If you have an upcoming planning meeting or review, be sure to request Improved Life Choices is included in your plan. This covers all plan management fees so there is no expense to you. If you have a current plan that does not have Improved Life Choices included, but you do wish to be plan managed, you can request a review of your NDIS plan to have plan management included. Be aware, reviews can take some time.

You can access our Guide to Plan Management that explains more about Improved Life Choices here.

What is covered in my plan?

The NDIS will fund claims for ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports. These are goods or services directly relevant to achieving the specific goals and objectives detailed in your NDIS plan.

The NDIS is unlikely to approve claims that are not directly related to a participant’s disability, such as; items everyone has to pay for like day to day living costs, entertainment, food, support items already delivered under other government funding schemes (such as education or Medicare), items that do not represent value for money, and items that may pose a risk of harm to the participant or others.

How do I access or change service providers?

If you already have service providers that you want to work with, that’s great. Our process is simple and we are able to work with almost any provider, as long as they have an ABN and the good or service meets NDIA’s definition of “reasonable and necessary”.

If you are looking for providers to engage, we can help point you in the right direction. Getting started with providers is straight-forward too. We can send you a ‘New Provider Letter’ with all the information they will need to forward us invoices, and you can leave the rest to us.

If you’re not happy with your services, you can just find a new provider and give them a New Provider Letter. Our Relationships Team will contact you periodically to make sure your spending and services are on track.

How does plan management work?

All plan managers need to be NDIS registered and provide you with financial administration services. Your providers send their invoices to us and we pay them on your behalf and our budget coaches help you manage your budget and discuss what you might like to purchase. If you request plan management, your NDIS planner will make your budgets plan managed which will allow us to claim for services on your behalf and pay your service providers directly.

What category is plan management claimed from?

Plan management is added to your plan separately under the Improved Life Choices budget so it won’t cost you anything. The Improved Life Choices budget is added into your plan if you choose to plan manage your plan.

Can you contact the NDIA to organise my move from agency-managed to plan-managed?

If you wish to change to plan-managed you should contact your NDIA planner or LAC to see if they can do a soft touch review to change your plan from agency to plan managed. Unfortunately, My Plan Manager can’t do this for you, but we can help you with what you need to ask for. There is more information about changing to plan management in our blog.

What is the difference between a plan manager, a support coordinator and an LAC?

Check out our handy guide to who’s who (and what they do).

How do I use my allocated funds?

If your budgets are plan managed, you simply need to find service providers which you would like to use and ask them to invoice My Plan Manager for the services you receive. Our budget coaches will talk to you about your plan and discuss with you what you might like to purchase to be able to achieve your goals.

What supports do you recommend?

My Plan Manager works with thousands of providers Australia-wide. As we are completely independent, we do not recommend any services. My Plan Manager wants all clients to have choice and control over the services they purchase. We understand what works for one person may not work for another. The best way for you to find services is to use online search platforms to find the best providers for you.

What does each budget line mean?

Check out our handy guide to NDIS plan categories.

How do I download my NDIS plan from the NDIS portal?

Our Processes

How do I join My Plan Manager?

To be plan managed, you must have ‘Improved Life Choices’ included in your NDIS plan.

Signing up with us is simple. Head to our Register page, then follow the prompts. The process is just a few steps long.

We will need some basic information from you such as email, participant NDIS number, date of birth and address.

Alternatively, please email us with your details including your full name, NDIS number, and plan dates, both start and end. It is helpful if you can include a copy of your plan.

A member of the My Plan Manager team will contact you by phone or email within 2 business days to forward you a service agreement and complete your sign up.

Can I transfer to My Plan Manager from another plan manager?

Yes! You are able to change plan manager any time. If you want to transfer over to us from another plan manager during your current plan, you first need to contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to let them know you are changing plan managers. You will also need to ask your previous plan manager to cancel their service booking and reduce their available funds to zero in order for us to be able to make our service booking.

Can I manage multiple plans with My Plan Manager?

Yes! We’ve made it easier than ever to manage multiple participants’ plans.

As long as each plan has ‘Improved life choices’ included, you can use one email address and one login to manage all the plans you have responsibility for. Each participant with a plan is a My Plan Manager client, able to be assigned to you, a nominee. Switching between is simple, in our app and online portal.

How do I log in to view my budgets and information?

Logging in to view your budgets, invoices and more is easier than ever with My Plan Manager. Once you have a login set up, you will be able to access the client portal and mobile app on iOS and Android.

You will use the email address that is associated with your account to log in via an SMS code or email link. Our logins are passwordless and secure.

How do I claim payment for an invoice?

Submitting an invoice claim with My Plan Manager is easy and there are three options you can use.

Your providers can send them directly to us, you can email us the invoice once you receive it from your provider, or you can submit the invoice directly into our app or our online portal.

You are able to claim a personal reimbursement with a receipt or upload an invoice for payment to a provider in less than a few minutes, via our mobile apps. They are available free, to MPM clients in the App Store & on Google Play

For those using e-mail –  to assist with prompt processing please forward your invoices and receipts directly to our Accounts Team.

If you are a participant/nominated representative, and you have already paid for an invoice you are seeking personal reimbursement, please be sure to include “Reimbursement’ in the subject of the email and make sure you give us your bank account details so we can pay you. 

Providers should email their invoice as a valid PDF attachment with all the NDIS invoice requirements which can be go into further detail in our blog about getting your NDIS invoices paid quickly.

How do I transition from an old plan to a new plan?

If you are a current My Plan Manager client with a recently updated NDIS plan, please contact our team via email with a copy of your new plan attached. You will not need a new log-in or password to continue accessing our portal or app.

I'm a support coordinator. Can I sign my clients up with My Plan Manager?

We love working with support coordinators to help clients receive the best possible support through their NDIS plans. However, only recognised guardians / authorised nominees may complete our sign up process on behalf of a participant. We encourage support coordinators to go through the sign up process with their clients. My Plan Manager’s team is available to help, or answer questions. Please check our contact page for details.

What is My Plan Manager's approach to fraud management?

My Plan Manager takes fraud detection and prevention very seriously. We have a number of controls in place to minimise the risk to our clients. One example of these controls is that every time we receive an invoice from a provider, we will text you to notify that a provider has submitted an invoice on your behalf. You then have the option to call us to put that payment on hold until we have investigated it for you, if you believe it is incorrect or fraudulent.

If you ever have concerns or are suspicious of a potential fraud there are several things you can do:

  • Call the provider and let them know you’d like to question the service/amount. They may be able to explain why you are being charged a certain amount for the service.
  • Call the NDIS Fraud Reporting Hotline on 1800 650 717
  • Call the NDIS Commission to report suspected financial abuse 1800 035 544
  • Report scammers on the ACCC website
  • Call the police

Naturally, if you are a My Plan Manager client you can call or email us for further advice.

Can you talk to the NDIA on my behalf?

Usually the NDIA would prefer to talk directly to you. For us to talk to the NDIA on your behalf you will need to give us consent and it will depend on your personal circumstances.

How are My Plan Manager fees paid?

My Plan Manager will raise an initial one-off cost (per plan) on the day you sign up, and then monthly fees on the first day of every month. The NDIA will cover all of these fees as long as you’ve requested request Improved Life Choices be included in your plan.

How long will it take you to pay my provider after you’ve received the invoice?

We pay invoices promptly, ensuring your budgets are up to date and your service providers are paid.

Do you have a plain English version of your service agreement

The App

My Plan Manager App for iOS

My Plan Manager clients who use iOS on their iPhone or iPad are able to download the My Plan Manager app, by searching ‘My Plan Manager’ in the App Store.

Your login credential is the e-mail address that you used to set up your My Plan Manager account.

To login, simply open the app, enter your email address, press ‘Send me the code’ and add the code that’s sent in a text. 

If you already have the app, it should automatically update by default, but if there’s an issue, you can update the app manually. To do this:  

  1. Open the App Store

    2. Tap the profile icon at the top of the screen

    3. Tap ‘Manage apps & device’

    4. Tap ‘Update’ next to the My Plan Manager app.

Click here for more information.

My Plan Manager App for Android

My Plan Manager clients who use Android on their smart phone are able to download the My Plan Manager app by searching ‘My Plan Manager’ in the Google Play Store.

Your login credential is the e-mail address that you used to set up your My Plan Manager account. 

To login, simply open the app, enter your email address, press ‘Send me the code’ and add the 5-digit code that’s sent in a text. 

For Android, unless you have the ‘Auto-update apps’ setting switched on under ‘Settings > Network Preferences’, you will need to update the My Plan Manager app manually.  To do this:  

  1. Open the Google Play app

2. Tap the profile icon at the top of the screen 

3. Tap ‘Manage apps & device’ 

4. Tap ‘Update’ next to the My Plan Manager app  

Click here for more information.

App troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing issues with the app, please check that you are running the most recent version and there are no updates available.

Re-booting your phone after installing the most updated version of the app solves most problems but for an issue you are unable to solve, please contact our team with your email address, your operating system (iOS or Android) and a detailed description of where / when the issue is occurring. We endeavour to solve all problems as soon as possible.

Can I submit my own invoices via the app?

Yes. Once signed up you will gain access to our mobile app and online portal where you can submit invoices for reimbursement or to be paid directly to your provider.

Client portal

How do I log in to the client portal?

Visit our client portal.

Enter the email address on your user account for SMS or email login and you will receive an SMS code or email with a link. Just enter the SMS code or follow the email link and you will be logged in.

The great thing about our client portal is that it works on all devices, including mobile.

Why have you introduced passwordless login?

Did you know that 81% of hacks are related to password breaches? By removing passwords we have increased the security on our client portal.

What if my email is hacked?

This is a risk with traditional password-based login as well – as password resets are used by hackers to gain access to accounts. Most email providers provide an option for multi-factor authentication, which adds extra security to your email account. We recommend you turn this on in your email account – it will not only protect your My Plan Manager information but anything else that is stored on your email. Here’s some information about how to turn on multi-factor authentication for common email providers:  GmailYahoo MailHotmail

What if I share my device with other people?

You can still use passwordless login and if you are concerned you can log out of the portal on the shared device. You can request a magic link to log in again as often as you like.

I need technical help with the client portal!

Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you. If you’re in the portal, you can also use the new Contact Us feature from within the portal to get in touch with us directly. Easy!

Can I give other people access to see my info in the client portal?

Yes, you can. Get in touch with us and we’ll let you know what you need to do to allow someone else, such as a family member or your support coordinator, to have access to your information on the client portal. Anyone who already had access on the old portal will automatically have access on the new portal.

Documents & Resources

What is your privacy policy?

At My Plan Manager, we take your privacy seriously. Only you and relevant My Plan Manager team members have access to your information and we will not release personal or budget details to providers, family members or other parties without your explicit written consent. Please contact our friendly Enquiries Team for Consent to Share forms.

View our privacy policy PDF here: PRIVACY POLICY


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