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How to apply for the NDIS

As the largest plan manager in Australia, we’re perfectly positioned to explain the NDIS application process so you know what to expect every step of the way.

First, accessing supports under the NDIS begins with connecting with an NDIS partner. Next, you’ll determine if you’re eligible to join using this checklist. If you meet the requirements, you’ll be supported to submit an NDIS application. Then, you’ll wait for the National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) decision.

Step 1
Connect with an NDIS partner

The first step to accessing supports under the NDIS is connecting with an NDIS partner.

An NDIS partner is a team member of a community-based organisation funded by the NDIA to help deliver the NDIS in some parts of Australia. 
An NDIS partner can be an early childhood partner, or a local area coordination partner.

Your NDIS partner will become your ‘my NDIS contact’, and they can help connect you to community and mainstream services through a Community Connections plan, or assist you with learning more about applying to join the NDIS.

To locate an NDIS partner in your community, find the offices and contacts in your area or call the NDIS on 1800 800 110.

If your area isn’t serviced by an NDIS partner, you can ask to be supported by an Agency team member.

Step 2
Apply to join the NDIS

If you think you’re eligible for the NDIS, your my NDIS contact can help you to apply to join. Your my NDIS contact will talk to you about:
  • Your situation
  • The NDIS eligibility criteria
  • The application process
  • The  information and evidence you need to provide
  • What to expect from the process
They’ll work with you to gather information and evidence, and then they’ll complete and submit the application on your behalf.

Step 3
Wait to receive the NDIA’s decision

Once the NDIA has all the information and evidence it needs to decide if you’re eligible for the NDIS, it will make a decision and will tell you within 21 days. While your NDIS application is being processed, you can start making connections with the mainstream and community supports in your Community Connections plan, if you have one.

Step 4
Prepare for your plan meeting

If your NDIS application is accepted, you’ll be invited to attend a plan meeting with an NDIA planner. You might like to prepare for this meeting by thinking about who you’ll bring along, what goals are important to you, and any questions you’d like to ask.


To apply for the NDIS, you need to be:
  • Younger than 65 when you apply
  • An Australia citizen or permanent resident
  • Living in Australia
  • Able to meet the disability or early intervention requirements
The disability requirements are that you have one or more impairments that are likely to be permanent, substantially impacting your ability to do life activities. Your impairment must also affect your social life, or your ability to work or study, and you must be likely to need support under the NDIS for your whole life. The early intervention requirements are that you have one or more impairments that are likely to be permanent and supports would help you by reducing your need for supports in the future.  For children younger than six with developmental delay to meet the early intervention requirements there are different requirements.
Information and evidence you’ll need to provide includes documents proving: 
  • You’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Your personal details, like name, date of birth, and address
  • Your disability is permanent and significant
  • An explanation of your functional capacity, and informal, mainstream and community supports.
You can work with your treating health professionals to provide evidence of disability. For each primary disability, the NDIA has a list of health professionals most appropriate to provide standardised assessments considered to be best practice in evidence. You can access the list here.
Once the NDIA has all the information and evidence it needs to decide if you’re eligible for the NDIS, it will make a decision and will tell you within 21 days. This timeframe is set out under the Participant Service Guarantee.
If you’re eligible to join the NDIS, the amount of funding you receive will be based on your individual needs.
If the NDIA decides you’re not eligible to join the NDIS and you don’t wish to take further action, your my NDIS contact can help you explore and access mainstream and community supports. If you don’t agree with the NDIA’s decision, you can ask for an internal review.


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