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Free tool: My Plan Manager’s NDIS budget calculator

Budgeting your NDIS funding can often be difficult. My Plan Manager’s Budget Calculator is a handy tool to help you:

  • calculate your expected spending to ensure you stay within budget
  • work out how many hours of a support service you’ll be able to access for the price your provider charges
  • prepare for a NDIS review meeting.

If you don’t have a plan yet, the calculator can help you to work out how much funding you need so you can be fully prepared for your planning meeting.

The budget calculator is a free tool available to all NDIS participants, allowing you to stay in control of your plan.

Remember, if you want to have plan management in your NDIS plan you need to tell your NDIS planner that you want to be plan managed and to include “Improved Life Choices” in your budget.

How to use the budget calculator

Select the support categories that apply to you. If you already have an NDIS plan simply enter your support category budget amounts. If you don’t have an NDIS plan yet with budget amounts, select “NO BUDGET”.

Select each line item from the NDIS price guide which reflects the service you may want to purchase.

Once you have added a support line item you can change the price and quantity of the service. If you are self or plan managed and paying below the NDIS price guide you can put the price you have negotiated with your provider. You can adjust the quantity amounts to the service being delivered daily, weekly, monthly, annually or once off.

Now you have added all your supports and calculated your budget you can print the summary to take to your planning meeting or keep for your own references to track your spending. Printing is really important as you are not able to save your budget calculations.




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