Is it for me ?


Consider our services if you….

  • Are tired of dealing with government departments and call centres

  • Want to talk to someone who genuinely wants to know about you and your story

  • Don’t have time to self-­manage but want the flexibility and control it gives people

  • Don’t have time to find a service provider who meets your individual needs without having to try or ring  numerous ones

  • Want a cost effective package of services

  • Want to be able to change providers and services easily

  • Want someone else to do the stressing and worrying about finding the right provider for you and your  child

  • Want a free service – if you are with the NDIS

  • Don’t  want to do it on your  own

Is it for me

We help people take control of their support services

A registered plan management provider can make your life easier by undertaking financial intermediary activities or financial and service intermediary activities. 

We can assist with providers:
  • Find  Providers

  • Book  Providers

  • Pay  providers

  • Negotiate  with  providers

  • Deal  with  complaints

How we can help you manage your finances
  • Help you develop your service plan and budget

  • Get quotes

  • Manage your bills

  • Manage your whole support package  finances

  • Or give you the tools to manage your own finances

How it works


Everything we do at My Plan Manager revolves around helping people achieve choice and control in their lives.

We want to help you and your family to get the support services which meet your individual needs with the least amount of energy and worry for you. We want to take the hassle out of getting your supports up and running.

We can do this for you by:

  1. Bring your allocated funds from your Individualised Funding Package, aged Care Package, National Disability Insurance Scheme Package or your own funding to us and discuss what you want to achieve

  2. Tell us what supports you want or work with us to tailor your supports

  3. We will find providers who will best meet your needs

  4. We will book providers and negotiate the contract for you

  5. We can get providers to bill us and we pay your providers so you don’t have to deal with finances

  6. We will provide you a monthly report

  7. Meet with you quarterly to see how progress towards your goals are going and work with therapist to set goals for the next quarter.

What happens when you come with My Plan Manager?


  • We work out what role you would like us to take in helping you have the choice and control you want

  • We can provide financial intermediary activities, or service intermediary services or both financial and service intermediary activities

  • We can help you initially with a once off set up cost, or have ongoing monthly input.

We talk to you about your ‘support plan’:

How it works

  • What type of provider are you looking for?

  • When do you want them to come?

  • Can they come to your house?

  • What price will they charge?

  • Are they local?

What are financial intermediary activities?
  • Financial intermediary activities include such things as the organising of providers and their payment, the processing of expense claims, the development of monthly statements for participants, and claiming from the National Disability Insurance Agency or other funder

What are service intermediary activities?
  • Service intermediary activities involve a range of activities to assist the participant in negotiating and coordinating the provision of support. This could include sourcing providers, negotiating method and timing of delivery of supports and negotiating individual requirements as part of the support management

What does a plan management provider do?

Plan management describes the processes or organising the financial and administrative aspects of the plan, such as paying supplier invoices, developing service agreements with providers, contracting and paying provider, and preparing monthly reports on how funds are being used.

The participant may engage a plan management provider (business/organisation) to undertake the financial and administrative processes on their behalf – and to work in association with the National Disability Insurance Agency or other funder.


About Us

Claire Wittwer-Smith
My Plan Manager offers more choice and control over your support services. Our services include both financial and service intermediary supports. We specialise in helping you get the most out of you funding package. Claire has assisted over 400 people get their plan up and running in the last year.

Claire Wittwer-Smith, the Creator & Director of My Plan Manager, has a passion for empowering people, and loves sharing her knowledge of the disability and ageing sector and experience.

Claire is a primary school teacher and has a formal qualification of a Masters in Special Education. She has worked in Special Education as a teacher of children with a disability, worked in policy and planning in State Government, also worked the National Disability Insurance Agency and is currently working in the Disability and Inclusion Studies at Flinders University.

Claire is also joined by her husband David who is a chartered accountant with 20 years working both in Accounting public practice and commerce. Both are passionate sports people with lots of energy and easy to work with.

If you would like to discuss how we can assist you, please contact us by phone email or enquiry form, and we’ll arrange to chat about your support plan needs. Connect with us on Facebook too!

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