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Resources and checklists

Helpful resources, guides and checklists so you can make the most of your NDIS plan.

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Getting your plan

Be prepared: Your NDIS planning meeting checklist

A checklist to help you communicate your needs
so you can make the most of your planning meeting.

Your NDIS planning meeting checklist

How to: Get plan management in my NDIS plan

How to get plan management included in your plan.

What is: An NDIS Goal?

What are NDIS plan goals for and what are types of goals.

How to: Set NDIS plan goals

Tips on how to set NDIS plan goals and examples of types of goals.

Using your plan

How to: Find and choose service providers

NDIS provider directories to help you find the right service providers for you.

Guide to: NDIS categories

Break down of NDIS support budget categories.

Guide to: NDIS dictionary

Break down of NDIS jargon and technical terms.

About NDIS plans

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Guide to: What is NDIS plan management?

What to expect with NDIS plan management.

Roles of: NDIS planners

What are the roles of NDIS planners, Local Area Coordinators (LACs), support coordinators and plan managers. What do they do?

My Plan Manager documents

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My Plan Manager plain English Service Agreement

A plain English version of the agreement between you and My Plan Manager when you sign up with us.

How Does My Plan Manager Work?

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My Plan Manager