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A Passion For Life: Linda and Adrian’s Story

A mother in the kitchen helping her daughter bake

My Plan Manager client Linda Setz has a passion for life and packs plenty into each day.  

She paints art, goes for walks to the shops and the library, cooks, throws dinner parties, and has a knack for scrapbooking.   

Linda worked at Strathmont for 23 years, and for the last five years has been employed at Mobo Group, something she is especially proud of. 

“I pack pigs’ ears. I put 6 in a box,”  Linda explains.  

Linda radiates energy and is grateful to have her brother, Adrian, helping her manage some aspects of her life.  

Adrian said understanding the NDIS was a steep learning curve to begin with.  

“When I first started helping Linda I struggled because I knew I had to not only learn the NDIS… but the agencies that help Linda with work and things like that,” Adrian said.   

“Over the last few years I’ve learned how to work with Linda and learn about the things that she likes and wants to do, and I help her achieve that. 

“We’ve got a good routine and structure now.”  

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Adrian said that tech is something that Linda struggled with at first, but quickly got the grip of with a little patience and help from her NDIS-funded support staff.  

“The carers do a lot with Linda and I do a little bit as well, so Linda gets to keep her independence when she hangs out with her support staff. 

“She was keen to learn the iPad where she connects to her family, particularly her mum who can’t visit as often as she’d like… 

And where she FaceTimes, voice messages and watches episodes of Full House.”  

Adrian says that My Plan Manager’s service has allowed him to focus on supporting Linda, rather than doing admin.  

“When someone told me about My Plan Manager I went YES please!” Adrian said.   

“If someone can help me manage the invoices, that will help me to learn more about the NDIS… which freed up my time to learn more about how to help Linda and what the NDIS can provide.” 

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