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We know getting paid quickly is important, so here are a few things you should include when sending a reimbursement through to us, so you get paid fast.

When you pay a provider upfront for a service you want to be reimbursed for the costs as quickly as possible, so you aren’t left out of pocket. There are some things you can do so your reimbursement goes to the right place straight away and we can get the money back to you quickly.

What should I include in the reimbursement email?

The most important thing is your email subject line. When emailing a reimbursement to us, the email subject line for reimbursements you should include one of these words or phrases:

  • Reimburse
  • Paid to me
  • Paid by me
  • Receipt

Including one of these clear instructions in the subject line of your reimbursement email will make sure you get your money back as soon as possible. Our payment system recognises these and sends your email to the right place.

Where should I send a reimbursement?

Send your reimbursement requests to our accounts inbox – [email protected] – the same place you send your regular invoices for payment.

This way it will go straight to the right team for processing asap.

You can also submit reimbursements through our online client portal. Simply select ‘Submit Claim’ and then click on Pay To > Myself for reimbursements.




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