Why Plan Management?
There are numerous advantages to signing up with My Plan Manager.
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Support, Knowledge, Reliability.
The NDIS is giving people with disabilities more choice and control over the supports you access, but having a plan is only the first step. Opting to be plan managed over agency or self managed gives you freedom of choice as well as freedom from the obligations of paying and storing invoices. While agency management is the default that is offered by the NDIS, it has restrictions placed on which service providers you can use and how much you can spend on them. With plan management, your options are far broader, keeping you in control of your own life. Be sure to request plan management is included in your funding, and there are no additional costs to you. My Plan Manager is here to work with you to maximise the benefits of your NDIS. Everything we do is to save you time and hassle so you can focus on achieving your personal goals.
Stay Informed

We will text to notify you of every invoice we process, so you're able to review and stay completely up-to-date with spending.

Separate Fees

My Plan Manager's fees do not come out of your support budget. They are calculated in addition to your care needs and paid for separately by the NDIS.

Exclusive Tools

My Plan Manager clients gain access to our exclusive tools including an online portal and our leading edge mobile app, allowing you to track budgets, invoices and plans.


All documents are securely stored for five years, so if you're chosen for an audit, we have you covered. No one outside our teams have access to your information.

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Offering our services Australia wide, we aim to provide the highest level of support, custom to your individual needs. By signing up with My Plan Manager, you will have an expert team behind you, making life easier and ensuring you get the most from your NDIS plan

Agency managed?

Being agency managed comes with the restriction of only being able to choose registered providers. With a plan manager, you are able to choose any relevant service provider, both registered and non-registered – whatever works best for you. Being plan managed also has the benefit of potential price flexibility. Whether you use a provider depends only on if they meet your needs and fit your budget.

    Self managed?
    Participants with a plan manager have the same advantages of maximized choice and control that self-management provides, without the additional burden of paying the bills.

    Your service providers are able to send all invoices directly to us, or you can forward to them to us based on your preference. Save yourself hours a week and the hassle of paperwork with My Plan Manager. We can also offer you optional support in finding providers and making the most of your funding.

    Working with another plan manager?

    Offering state of the art technology, including our custom portal and our user-friendly app, My Plan Manager are the industry’s leading plan manager for a reason. We make it super easy for you to transfer from another plan manager over to MPM. We keep you informed and stay up to date on all payments on your behalf. Monthly reports can be generated on request.

      If you are tired of dealing with government departments and call centers, let My Plan Manager take on those responsibilities for you.

      Plan management is all we do. As we do not provide direct care services, with My Plan Manager you receive impartial support to manage your NDIS funding, with a guarantee there will be no conflict of interest or bias toward any service providers. We are independent and 100% focused on helping our clients thrive, with a service tailored to your individual needs and goals.

      You remain in control of your own services, while we support you by managing your money, reliably. With our portal, app and transparent processes, My Plan Manager provide you simple, up-to-the-minute access to your budget in easy to read, understandable formats.