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Busting plan management myths

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When you are new to the NDIS, it can be difficult to know everything about managing your plan, and there can be a lot of misunderstanding in the market. That’s why we’ve broken down the biggest plan management myths, and those we are frequently asked about when speaking to new participants and clients.  

Myth: I have to be eligible to access plan management 

Truth: Every NDIS participant can access plan management, but at your initial planning meeting – or during a review – you do need to ask your National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to set up your plan as ‘plan managed’ and include ‘Improved Life Choices’ in your budget.

Myth: It’s hard to have plan management added to a plan  

Truth: Making changes to your NDIS plan can take time and has traditionally required a plan review, which happens automatically when a plan is set to expire.  

Today however, NDIS plan reviews are simpler and faster, with a range of options available to participants seeking to have a plan changed or adjusted.  

If your plan has already started and doesn’t include Improved Life Choices (which you need to be plan managed), you can contact the NDIS to ask for a light touch review, which we explain here.  

Myth: Plan management fees are taken out of my allocated NDIS funds/support budget – but if my plan is basic, that money is better spent on supports, rather than on a plan manager  

Truth: Plan management fees are paid for separately through the ‘Improved Life Choices’ component of your  NDIS plan. They do not come out of your support budget. You can ask to have an ‘Improved Life Choices’ budget added as an additional funded item at your initial planning meeting, or during a review. You can also request it as part of a light touch review.  

Plan management fees are set by the NDIS in its official price guide.  

It is one of the benefits of the NDIS that participants can currently be supported by a plan manager without having to use the funds set out for their services and supports to do so. 

Myth: A plan manager’s only job is to process invoices  

Truth: Processing invoices is part of the job, but a good plan manager will do a lot more to make plan management easier and better for their clients – like assist you to manage your budget and provide information about NDIA requirements (such as in relation to price limits).

For example, every client at My Plan Manager has an experienced team in their corner to help them to maximise their plan, and make sure it includes the important items that really make a difference to achieving their plan goals.  

We also help clients to find information about different providers, which supports them to exercise choice and control, and we monitor for alignment with NDIA pricing arrangements by making sure providers are only claiming what they can.

And, we provide extra tools and resources to make plan management even easier and more convenient – like our mobile app (our client portal on the go), which allows clients to see real-time information about their NDIS plan and start new claims on the go. We also offer free coaching and expertise inside our award-winning online community, Kinora, and our Choice e-news, which is packed with tips and tricks to give participants more control over their plans and goals. 

Myth: If I am working with a plan manager, I can only work with NDIS-registered providers  

Truth: Unlike being Agency-managed (where the NDIA manages your plan for you), being plan managed means you can use both NDIS-registered and non-registered providers, so there are no limits on which providers you can choose. 

We’re here to help  

If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected] or call us on 1800 507 050 from 8am-6pm AEDT, Monday to Friday.

Or click here to join My Plan Manager in a few simple steps.  




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