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How the My Plan Manager Client Portal makes the NDIS easier

My Plan Manager’s Client Portal is a better way to stay on top of your NDIS plan’s budget, just like it is for Linda and Adrian.

Adrian said that when he first started helping his sister Linda to manage her life, he struggled because he not only had to learn the NDIS, but all of the agencies that help her.

He knew there would be invoices coming in every day.

“I thought there’s no way I can juggle both of those things. So when someone told me about My Plan Manager, I went Yes Please!”.

He realised that if someone could help him manage the invoices, it would help him learn more about the NDIS.

Which freed up his time to learn more about what they can provide to support his sister.

Watch the video below to see Linda and Adrian’s story:

Adrian said that when he knew he had a portal that showed him how {Linda’s} budget was going, and ‘little doughnuts’ showing how much {she’d} spent in each area, it helped him monitor and track his sister’s NDIS plan budget, and see how things were going. 

“I actually thought that one day I’ll take the invoices back {from My Plan Manager} and start managing {her budget}, but now that it’s managed so well, maybe not!” 

The My Plan Manager Portal helps you or your carer stay on top of your NDIS plan’s budget, to get the most out of the NDIS.  

Here’s a quick video that shows how the portal works:  

In a snapshot

The My Plan Manager Portal is simple to use and offers real time information about your budgets and invoice payments. 

It lets you view support categories and support areas:

(An image of the portal showing support categories and support area)

You can even add support items, and check the details of all past and current claims and get copies of invoices:

(An image of the portal showing a list of claims for a participant)

And you can forward new invoices to My Plan Manager through the portal simply by starting a new claim. As soon as they’re approved for payment you’ll see your budget updated:

(An image of the portal showing a new claim)

The portal is not only accessible but has the latest security features to protect your private information. 

Sign up to My Plan Manager to unlock portal access, remove time-consuming admin and have invoices processed seamlessly.  

Or, click here to login.




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