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How the My Plan Manager Provider Portal removes time-consuming paperwork

My Plan Manager’s Provider Portal is a simple way for NDIS service providers to keep on top of business, just like it is for Ala Mobedi (pictured above).  

Ala has a company called Mentoring All Men, and uses the My Plan Manager Provider Portal to submit and track invoices, and cut down time-consuming paperwork.  

Watch this video to see how he does it:  

He said the portal is quick, efficient and very easy to use, and lets him focus on what he’s good at, and what he cares about doing.  

“The passion we have is the work that we do. We don’t have passion in sitting behind a laptop and sending invoices and doing paperwork,” he said.  

“The less time I spend behind a laptop and the more I’m out there helping and exercising with {my clients}; that’s the dream. 

Here’s a quick video that shows how the portal works: 

In a snapshot

The My Plan Manager Provider Portal lets you to submit and track invoice payments whether you’re at work or on the go without complicated tech.  

It’s a simple process to view your invoices and to check your payment status.  

(An image of the portal showing a list of provider invoices and their status)

And it’s just as easy to upload an invoice or create an e-invoice within the portal.  

(An image of the portal showing how to upload or create an invoice)

Click here to access the My Plan Manager’s Provider Portal or get in touch to setup your provider login today.  




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