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Growing independence and community: Joseph and Ben’s story

A photo of a mother and her two sons embracing

Joseph and Ben are growing their independence every day, and their mum Sheryl couldn’t be prouder. They ride bikes, play instruments, have recently joined a mainstream basketball team, and Ben even manages to squeeze work in.

Click here to watch their video.

Joseph (left) and Ben (right) with their mum Sheryl (centre)
Joseph (left) and Ben (right) with their mum Sheryl (centre)

“We would like to see each of the boys have their own unit or little house so they can live by themselves, maybe next door to each other but not in the same place so they’re not too co-dependent; be able to have a job and a good circle of friends and community support,” Sheryl explains.  

“The NDIS has been fantastic in providing the money to have support workers, and {Joseph and Ben} can have much more time doing things.”  

Joseph and Ben are also lucky to work with some incredible people like Ala Mobedi from Mentoring All Men to help set them up in life.  

Ben (left} and Joseph (centre) with their mentor Ala Mobedi.
Ben (left} and Joseph (centre) with their mentor Ala Mobedi

“To be able to get carers, to be able to access allied health practitioners, all of these things are incredibly vital for these young boys to become men and lean to live independently and as full a life as anyone else,” said Ala.  

Their energy levels are much better for going to the gym, and their fine motor skills and strength improve on a daily basis through activities like sport and tug-of-war, which Ben said he likes.  

Click here to watch the video.

Ala uses the My Plan Manager Portal to submit and track NDIS invoices and cut down time-consuming paperwork, so he focus on what he’s good at, and cares about doing.   

“The passion we have is the work that we do. We don’t have passion in sitting behind a laptop and sending invoices and doing paperwork,” Ala said.   

“The less time I spend behind a laptop and the more I’m out there helping and exercising with {my clients}; that’s the dream. 

You can learn more about the My Plan Manager Client Portal here.  

Or, click here to see how it works for providers with clients in the NDIS.




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