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Five tips to get the most out of your NDIS plan

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You have your NDIS plan set up and ticking along, so now what? Your plan is there to meet your needs and empower you to live a better life. That’s why it’s important to check in on your plan and make sure it’s working for you. My Plan Manager is here to help you make the most out of your plan so you can focus on your goals and what you want to achieve in life.

Here are our top tips:

1. Check in on your plan regularly

Your plan is designed to enable you to reach your goals and live your best life, so it’s important to check in on your plan around the halfway mark to ensure it’s on track. Spending too much early on is a problem just as not spending enough, so roughly halfway through your plan you should be around halfway through your total budget. If your plan is set up for a year, check in on it at the six-month mark or at the year mark if it’s a two-year plan. My Plan Manager can help you with budget management to keep you on track with your spending while making sure you’re getting as much value as possible from your plan.

2. Make your budget go further

There are ways to be a bit more creative with your spending and make your money go further. At My Plan Manager, we’ve been around the longest and know the NDIS inside out, so we are the experts in the many, varied ways you can use your funding! The NDIS price guides are the maximum amount you can be charged for a specific support, product or service. You can find a similar service that will charge under the price guide amount leaving you with extra money in your budget. An additional benefit of being a client with My Plan Manager is you can access any provider regardless of whether they are an NDIS-registered provider or not. We have some good resources on how to find NDIS service providers and you can always check with us or the NDIA if you’re unsure. There’s no obligation to disclose you’re an NDIS participant either and sometimes services might be cheaper by paying upfront out of pocket and being reimbursed. Always make sure you compare before you commit to any providers.

3. Technology is here to help

Technology is designed to make our lives easier so make use of the tools available. My Plan Manager offers an online client portal and also a convenient mobile phone app to help you keep track of your spending. Through these tools you will be able to view your total budget spend, see how much you have spent and view past invoices so you can plan for future spending. It’s a good idea when reviewing your budget to keep a small percentage aside as an ‘emergency’ fund if you need it. My Plan Manager has a free budget calculator for all NDIS participants to use so you don’t overspend. We can also help you work out your spending and check in with you at key milestones to make sure your plan is on track.

4. Review the way you manage your funding

How are you currently managing your funding? Is your current process working for you or could you benefit from some expert knowledge? If you are currently self-managed or agency management and would like to move to plan management, it is simply a matter of setting your plan as “plan managed” and including “Improved Life Choices” in your budget. We have a helpful step-by-step guide on how to get plan management included in your NDIS plan. If you are with another plan manager and would like to try My Plan Manager, that’s not a problem either. Our helpful guide takes you through a few simple steps to transfer from another plan manager over to My Plan Manager.

5. What if you’re running out of money?

Sometimes the unexpected might happen and your budget may not last until the end of your plan. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your spending and discuss this with your plan manager as soon as you’re aware so they can help you through the process. If you aren’t with a plan manager, contact the NDIA or your LAC to let them know your circumstances have changed. The NDIS has a helpful guide on what to do if your plan is no longer meeting your needs. If you have the opposite problem and have money left at the end of your plan, we have some helpful tips on what to do.

Where to from here?

The important thing to remember is your plan is designed to sustain consistent ongoing support but also enable you to achieve your goals. The benefit of having a plan manager is that time consuming things like admin and bills are taken care of so you can focus on the bigger picture of living your best life. Best of all, it’s free for you to use. Contact us via phone or email to chat more about the benefits of plan management today.




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