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Need a second opinion or a quick answer to a funding question? We’re here to help

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Has coordinating your clients’ National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports ever felt lonely, or like a heavy brick in your backpack just weighing you down? Ever wanted a second opinion or a quick answer to a funding question? 

We know most support coordinators are time poor, and waiting in a lengthy phone queue to speak to someone at the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is often just not possible.  

That’s where My Plan Manager comes in. 

The support coordinators who work with our clients and with us have access to a team of experts to answer their NDIS questions and unpack the nuances of the Scheme.  

At My Plan Manager, we believe in building strong and enduring relationships with our clients and those who support them – particularly their support coordinators. There’s a lot of information that support coordinators are expected to know about the NDIS, so we make sure we’re on hand to guide them through any funding questions they may have. 

Here’s three ways we can help: 

1. We provide access to a team with expert knowledge of the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits  

We were one of Australia’s first plan managers, and today we are the largest. We do much more than simply paying the bills. We have a dedicated team of NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits experts to help you with things like:    

  • finding the right line items;  
  • working out what services and supports your clients can use their funding for; 
  • managing your clients’ budgets to get the most out of their plans; 
  • navigating what to do next when your client runs out of funding; and   
  • considering the different budget categories and what your clients may be able to claim from them.   

For example, did you know that assistive technology that’s valued at less than $1500 can often come out of a client’s Core Supports budget, rather than from Capital Supports? At My Plan Manager, we’ve seen so many invoices, and we can advise you what the NDIS will and won’t fund and where to claim it from.   

To speak to our NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits experts, email us at [email protected] or call us on 1800 861 272 from 8am-6pm (ACST) Monday to Friday. 

2. We’ve invested in technology that can show you your clients’ budgets and spending in a snapshot (with their consent)  

Our client portal and app make it easy to see if your clients have enough funding for the supports they need and want. Sufficient funding is a common concern for many clients because they depend on it and don’t want to see it dry up. Whenever a client asks if they have sufficient funding in their plan for a particular support, a support coordinator may look at:  

  • what the plan covers;  
  • when it’s set to expire;  
  • their client’s plan management or NDIS statements; and  
  • what services the client wants, how often they want them, and whether they have adequate funds to pay for them.  

The reality is, even after doing all of the above, it can be difficult to see what a client has spent and what’s left in their budget. That’s where My Plan Manager’s client portal and app come in handy.  

Through the client portal (which can be downloaded as an app too!) you can see a client’s budget snapshot and easily see what funding they have, where they can spend it, and how long it will last. Having great technology that lets you access client information quickly and conveniently is incredibly important, and one of the benefits of working with us. 

Clients can provide their support coordinators (and others) with access to their information through the My Plan Manager client portal. To do this, they simply need to complete this consent form. They can fill the form out on a computer or print it out and complete it in writing. Once completed, they can email it to [email protected].

3. We’re here to support you and to work together to deliver a market-leading service to our mutual clients 

We have a dedicated team of Community Engagement Managers covering the nation – a local support to assist you and your clients in several ways – including: 

  • acting as your direct point of contact at My Plan Manager; 
  • offering guidance and support with plan management;  
  • escalating urgent client matters; 
  • ensuring swift sign up and connection of clients;  
  • providing you and your team with training in the use of the My Plan Manager provider portal, client portal, app and Kinora platform; and 
  • updating ‘consent to share’ records for mutual clients (once the ‘consent to obtain and release information’ form and the ‘consent for log in access to My Plan Manager’s mobile app and client portal’ form have been signed by them). 

If you don’t have the details of your dedicated Community Engagement Manager, email us at [email protected] and we’ll point you in the right direction.  

We’re here for your clients too  

For clients, we have a dedicated Relationships team, with expert advisers they can call any time for advice and support with matters like managing their NDIS budget to maximise their plan, NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, current NDIS regulations, and the types of services and supports they can access with their funding. 

We’ve organised our teams around specific states, territories and localities too, ensuring our clients and their support coordinators have consistent contact with fewer people who truly understand their needs. 

If you have questions or want a second opinion about the funding in an NDIS plan, email us at [email protected] or call us on 1800 861 272 from 8am-6pm (ACST) Monday to Friday. 




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