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For service providers: Helping My Plan Manager pay your invoices faster

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We know swift payment of invoices is essential for providers’ peace of mind – and vitally important for keeping client supports in place! That’s why we aim to process invoices within three business days.    

However, often delays in processing invoices occur because critical information is left off the claim.  

To avoid payment delays, be sure to include the following information on every invoice you submit to My Plan Manager:  

  • Unique invoice number  
  • Provider ABN  
  • Provider bank details – including BSB and account number 
  • Provider contact information – email address, street address and phone number  
  • Participant name  
  • Participant NDIS number (where available) 
  • Date/s of service/s provided 
  • a detailed description of each service provided, including the Line-item number (split by weekdays, Saturday and Sunday, as required) quantity of support/hours delivered in each session; and 
  • Hourly rate charged (refer to current NDIS Price Guide). 

When and how to send client invoices to My Plan Manager  

Invoices should be submitted to us after each service has been provided. My Plan Manager’s preferred way to receive invoices is through the My Plan Manager provider portal, where it is quick and simple to create or upload a client invoice.  

To avoid processing delays, you can access a copy of My Plan Manager’s invoice template here (no printing required).

Submitting invoices through the My Plan Manager provider portal offers the added convenience of being able to view invoices and check payment status. You can access the My Plan Manager provider portal at https://myplanmanager.com.au/how-does-my-plan-manager-work/provider-portal/. 

Alternatively, you can find more information about the provider portal here: https://myplanmanager.com.au/how-the-my-plan-manager-provider-portal-removes-time-consuming-paperwork/ 

Emailing client invoices

You can also email invoices directly to us at [email protected] Our preferred file type for all provider documentation, including invoices, is PDF. 

Once we receive your invoice, My Plan Manager will claim from the National Disability Insurance Agency and payment will be made to your nominated bank account within three business days. 

My Plan Manager invoice template

To avoid invoice processing delays, you can access a copy of My Plan Manager’s invoice template here. This will prompt you to provide the correct information that we require for swift payment. Or, you can create a client invoice directly inside the My Plan Manager provider portal which you can access here: https://myplanmanager.com.au/how-does-my-plan-manager-work/provider-portal/ 




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