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“I gave My Plan Manager electronic access to my daughter’s NDIS plan. Here’s why I recommend it to every My Plan Manager client.”

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At My Plan Manager, it is our mission to provide you with market-leading support to manage your NDIS plan and process your invoices.   

That’s why we’re requesting electronic access to our clients’ NDIS plans – which you can provide to us safely and securely through myGov. 

A PDF copy of your NDIS plan doesn’t let My Plan Manager see some important information, or changes to your plan as they happen. With electronic access to your plan, we can better support you to help make life easier.  

Kylie is a Client Relationship Consultant at My Plan Manager – she is also the parent of a child participant in the NDIS. We spoke to Kylie about her experience with giving My Plan Manager electronic access to her daughter’s NDIS plan, and why she recommends it to every client she speaks to.  

My Plan Manager: Hi Kylie, we understand you gave My Plan Manager electronic access to your daughter’s plan when she first joined the NDIS and became plan managed. What have the benefits been of doing this?  

Kylie: My Plan Manager doesn’t have to contact me very often – in fact, they hardly have to call at all. That’s because, unlike a static PDF copy of an NDIS plan, they can see everything with electronic access. My Plan Manager can make sure my daughter’s invoices fall under the right support categories as they come in, meaning they’re processed quickly and conveniently, and without questions, delays or complaints from providers. I simply get an SMS notification once they’re paid – and that’s it!  

When I’ve purchased items like visual aids out-of-pocket to assist with my daughter’s plan goals, there’s been zero issue putting them through My Plan Manager for reimbursement. This is because My Plan Manager can see they fall inside her plan and are related to her goals, which means they don’t have to follow me up to check or ask questions.  

My Plan Manager: Was it difficult to give My Plan Manager electronic access to your daughter’s plan? 

Kylie: Not at all. I wanted to give My Plan Manager electronic access to her NDIS plan straight away because I knew it’d be easier. I simply rang up the NDIS, requested electronic access for My Plan Manager, and they did it for me. If you’re giving electronic access to My Plan Manager a little later down the track, you can do this in myGov in a few simple steps (which you can find here).  

My Plan Manager: Did providing electronic access help My Plan Manager make you aware of any opportunities, or spot red flags with your daughter’s plan that you may not have seen? 

Kylie: Not yet, because she’s still new to the NDIS, but I know that by having electronic access to my daughter’s NDIS plan, My Plan Manager will be able to alert me if I’m overspending or underspending, which will help to maximise her plan or avoid a budget blowout. This gives me the confidence to focus on things like getting her to school and to appointments.  

My Plan Manager: Has giving electronic access to My Plan Manager saved you work and time?  

Kylie: Absolutely! I have three kids and don’t have time to be on the phone processing invoices or answering questions. Electronic access has made it easy to handball her plan to My Plan Manager and make the NDIS a smooth transition. My daughter went from doing one hour of school a day before the NDIS, to staying the entire day at school during her first year in the Scheme, because I could take the stress of paying invoices and talking to providers off my plate.  

To get technical, every invoice sent to My Plan Manager is attached to a certain budget in a participant’s plan, and if a provider is claiming a service under a different budget, My Plan Manager will check it’s coming out of the right area. This check can be done quickly and conveniently with electronic access. It saves My Plan Manager having a five or 10-minute conversation with me to find out what’s funded, because they can see everything.  

My Plan Manager: Did you have any reservations about giving My Plan Manager electronic access to your daughter’s NDIS plan? 

Kylie: Not at all. I work at My Plan Manager and completely trust the team. But more importantly, My Plan Manager is committed to keeping every client’s information 100 per cent secure and confidential. The myGov portal, through which electronic access is given, is a secure way to access government information online, which means you control what My Plan Manager can and can’t see – so it’s only your NDIS plan you will share. 

For more information and the steps to give My Plan Manager electronic access to your NDIS plan, click this link: https://myplanmanager.com.au/electronic-access-to-my-ndis-plan/

When you click the link above, you can also request phone support with electronic access to your NDIS plan.  

Alternatively, you can contact us at [email protected] or call us on 1800 861 272 from 8am-6pm (ACDT) Monday to Friday.




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