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COVID-19 guidance for service providers

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As the coronavirus situation changes quickly in South Australia, we are supporting your clients, you and your business through this.

Our team members are still able to answer your calls and pay your invoices – there won’t be any disruption to our service.

What your business can do

What you can do for your clients

  • Keep your clients informed about your services, especially if there are any changes.
  • Let them know what you are doing to manage COVID-19 risks.
  • If your business is not able to continue providing services, you must inform your clients and their plan managers and support coordinators.  If you are a registered provider you must inform the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

More information

NDIS COVID-19 latest updates, information on keeping yourself safe, advice for participants and providers.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) information webpage on the NDIS Commission website contains links to updates, training, alerts and other resources.

The NDIS Commission fact sheet, COVID-19 outbreak preparedness, prevention and management, contains practical guidance to support you to:

  • ensure your workers take reasonable precautions to protect people with disability and themselves
  • prepare for an outbreak of COVID-19
  • respond to suspected or confirmed cases in different types of service settings
  • manage an outbreak of COVID-19.




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SA clients: don’t let COVID-19 affect your NDIS supports

SA clients: don’t let COVID-19 affect your NDIS supports

As some COVID-19 restrictions come into force in South Australia once more, we’re reminding all clients that we’re here for you. Our team members are available to answer your calls, pay your invoices and support you with budgeting – there won’t be any disruption to our service during the COVID-19 situation in South Australia.


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